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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could offer big giveaway contest prizes (e.g. iPads, vacations etc.) just like the big brands BUT for a fraction of the prize cost (e.g. $25)? Imagine how many email subscribers, fans and followers you would be able to generate by giving your visitors a chance to win a big prize for which you paid a fraction of the cost?

Well, now you can with Incentivibe. Incentivibe is our newest partner that allows businesses to offer $500 contest prizes for only $25. How? Incentivibe pools you with other businesses who share the cost of the prize with you so you can all offer one $500 prize contest on your own websites but pay only $25.

It’s pretty simple. First, start by downloading the Incentivibe module from PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace and create an account.

Then in just a few clicks, you’ll be able to select from a variety of amazing prizes to offer your visitors for performing a specific action whether it’s filing out a survey, following your Facebook, subscribing to your e-mail list, etc.

The best part: you only pay $25 to join a pool of co-sponsoring businesses to offer one BIG contest prize (e.g. $500 Visa giftcard) on your online shop. Each business that co-sponsors a prize, receives Incentivibe’s free contest tool that runs on your website/Facebook page, with only your name as the sponsor of the big prize. Incentivibe handles all of the legal terms and prize delivery so you’re not liable for anything!

To ensure fair odds for all businesses, one nominee is chosen from each co-sponsoring business, and then a winner is selected from all those nominees.

Start your Incentivibe 14-day FREE trial before November 15th to enter the contest to get 20% off and Win $1,000 in Facebook advertising. Learn more about Incentivibe for your PrestaShop store here.


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