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Today’s customers don’t like to just shop at their favorite stores, they have an innate desire to connect with them, like them and follow them. The social relationship you form with customers creates stronger loyalty and increases traffic; thus generating more return purchasers and boosting sales.

Using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are free tools to help you increase your visibility and involve your business in your customers’ daily life. Now, let’s discover some of the best social media practices for your e-commerce site and see how PrestaShop stores are benefiting around the world.

1. Nurture Customers & Drive New Leads

Online stores turn to social media as a platform to nurture current customers and be on the frontline of potential new customers.

a. Drive Traffic to your Site
Updating your social media with your latest inventory is a primary technique to drive traffic to your site. Keep your customers up to date on your online shop’s latest products, events and sales.

b. Feedback from Customers
Let your customer voices be heard by allowing them to engage with your shop directly. Listen and learn from comments. You’ll learn more about what your customers like and don’t like and immediately resolve any customer service issues that may occur.

Take a look at one of my most successful articles on Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service for your Online Store to learn more about how social media can help your customers’ voices be heard and allow you to assist them better.

2. Increase Sales

a. Add a Share/Like Button on Product Pages
Using share and like buttons on your product pages will allow customers to refer your products to their friends, driving more traffic to your site.

You can browse Facebook Sharing modules just like the one above on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

b. Coupons and Promotions
Spread the word about your sales and promotions via social media. It’ll give your customers an extra incentive to follow you and help the word go viral!

3. Increase Brand Presence and Stay Relevant

a. Offer Insider Access to Customers
Make your fans and followers feel like they have exclusive access to products, promotions and news by keeping them up to date on anything and everything that is coming up.

b. Prove You’re a Leader in your Industry
Avoid being too salesy on your social media networks. Instead, use social media to prove you’re an industry leader and provide relevant information that would interest your customers.

Take the time to strategize different ways your online store can use social media to benefit from increased traffic, sales and customer loyalty. Not using PrestaShop to power your online store? Download PrestaShop today and build an e-shop that will wow social media!

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