Cyber Monday (December 2nd) is just around the corner, kicking off the biggest online shopping season of the year. For e-commerce sites, this means there’s limited time to prepare but we’ve made it simple with an Official Cyber Monday Checklist covering the 18 things every e-commerce site should do.

According to comScore, E-commerce spending grew 13% in Q3 when compared to last year. With this consistent year-over-year growth, we can be confident to see a double-digit up in spending this holiday season. Don’t let your shopping cart get snowed in, let’s make this the most successful and profitable Cyber Monday to date!

The Official Cyber Monday Checklist

1. Optimize your online shop for high traffic. Slow loading pages are the key ingredient for lost sales; make sure you’re using a preferred hosting provider for fast loading pages!
2. Stock up! Make sure you properly forecasted and have adequate inventory.
3. Display a countdown on your homepage to increase excitement for your Cyber Monday deals. Available on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.
4. Mobile, mobile, mobile! Make sure your site is responsive with an easy mobile checkout process. Quickly discover a NEW PrestaShop feature, to assist with this.
5. Offer gift wrapping. Your competitors are doing it, customers love and the feature to offer gift wrapping is available in your PrestaShop back-office.
6. Promote expedited shipping, free shipping and ship on time!
7. Free returns! Emphasize your e-shop’s amazing return policies.
8. Start e-mail marketing today if you haven’t already.
9. Create social media promotions with special codes, your followers will love the exclusivity! Available on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.
10. Test holiday promos, again and again!
11. Landing pages with holiday keywords – check out PrestaShop Addons for this and make blog posts holiday centric as well!
12. Add some holiday flare to your online shop with PrestaShop Themes, ‘tis the season!
13. Perfect Cross selling and upselling which are native features in PrestaShop, take advantage.
14. Create special gift categories (the perfect gift for him, for her, for the kids, etc!)
15. Promote e-mail signups, make them extra visible since customers are more inclined to sign up during the holidays
16. Actively MONITOR your back-office, social media networks, e-mail, etc. to avoid any hiccups!
17. Integrate additional customer service so that you are completely available for your customers including live chat, phone numbers, quick email responses, etc.
18. Express Checkout. Customers are in a rush to take advantage of all the great deals online, don’t slow them down!

Last but not least, a special bonus for our readers, ring in the holiday cheer with PrestaShop and PayPal’s easy-read 10 page White Paper on How to Prepare your E-commerce Site for the Holidays.

Happy Selling!

Want to unwrap the best e-commerce solution for the holidays? Try the Demo or Download PrestaShop for FREE and start selling in time for the busiest shopping season!

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