Online shoppers are using social media more and more to share their favorite finds with their followers. That’s good news for your e-commerce site! Make it easy for online shoppers to share your products with their family, friends and fans by installing social media share buttons on your online store.

Here are three reasons why you should use social media share buttons on your online store to boost sales, engagement and brand awareness.

Trusted Recommendations

Social media share buttons allow online shoppers to easily share products and e-commerce sites with their family and friends. When followers see a friend or loved one endorsing a product, they trust that recommendation. The social shoppers sharing your products are essentially promoting your online store and providing an added sense of credibility by saying “hey, I shop there!”-Consumers often look to their family or friends for product recommendations, so make recommending and sharing your products as easy as possible.

Increase Traffic

Once shoppers use social media share buttons to share your products with their followers, those friends and family can easily visit your site. People will want to know where their friend saw or bought that cool new product and learn more about your online shop. Modern consumers always want to be among the first to know about something new or exciting. Encourage your customers to share your products on social media, and you can look forward to visits from their followers as well.

Brand Awareness

Social media share buttons will also give you the invaluable benefit of increased brand awareness. Getting your brand in front of more people will do wonders for its recognition. The key here is that many people have followers with similar shopping interests which means they already have an incentive in learning more about your brand.

Implement social sharing on your online store today!

All of these benefits of installing social media share buttons translate to increased visibility, word of mouth advertising and more sales for you! PrestaShop offers a variety of modules to implement social media share buttons on your site. Check out our merchant favorite module, AddShoppers, that adds sharing buttons from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more to increase sales from customer referrals.

AddShoppers adds sharing buttons to your shop that increase product shares and their advanced social analytics reveal the ROI of social media for your store.

AddShoppers boosts your online store’s performance with the following features:

  • Product Sharing Buttons: Sharing buttons built specifically for sharing products, not articles. Offers eCommerce-specific Facebook Want and Own buttons and all our buttons add rich product data (images, price, description, etc) to make shares more appealing and drive clicks.
  • Double Your Product Sharing: Using AddShoppers Social Rewards, you can increase sharing of your products by incentivizing with a coupon. Each social network can be incentivized with a different coupon, or not at all.
  • Track the ROI of Sharing:  AddShoppers tracks shares to sales and revenue, so you can see which orders were driven by social media, which social networks drive the most revenue, the value of a Like/Tweet/Pin/etc, who drives the most revenue, and more.

Optimize your store’s social performance now by installing AddShoppers today:

If you’re on PrestaShop v1.5+, the AddShoppers module is native in your PrestaShop software. Just go to Modules and install AddShoppers. Or download AddShoppers FREE today on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

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