call to action buttons on e-commerce site

If a customer isn’t clicking, they aren’t shopping. This is true for EVERY online store.

The call to action buttons on your e-commerce site play a major role in converting window shoppers into purchasing customers. They should be clear, compelling and guide the visitor towards completing a sale.

Let’s go over the importance, considerations and examples of what the best call to action buttons can do for your online shop.

What to consider for every call to action button

Placement – According to Ecommerce Consultant, James Gurd, your call to action button should be placed where the action is most likely to be taken. The location of the CTA can be tricky since it depends on several factors including: the goal of the page, the intent of the visitor and the complexity of what you’re offering.

Size and Shape – Your customers shouldn’t have to look around for the next step. Your CTA should be easy to find but not so large that they distract from what you’re selling or promoting. Try to avoid too much clutter by allowing some white space.

Color – The color should really stand out from on the page and catch the eye. It’s a good idea to test different colors to find out which one works best for your customers.

Text – The perfect CTA button should be clear and reflect a sense of urgency. Make sure to keep it short and simple!

Different call to action buttons for e-commerce sites

Ask yourself, when should I be using call to action buttons? Below are 3 PrestaShop store examples of different opportunities to encourage customers to take the next step.

Adding an item to the shopping cart

Fotoclub uses large orange buttons that simply say “Buy” – it’s clear, stands out and the use of a bright color is very appealing.

Show a customer what’s on sale

The Chic Nest does a great job with this banner on their homepage using a call to action button that guides customers to start shopping their sale right away.

Give your customers additional details

Fruitselect uses a CTA button to show their visitors what’s in their fruit baskets “Voir la composition” stands out but doesn’t take away the attention from the Add to Cart button.

Call to Action Button Resources

Are you looking for more call to action inspiration? Take a look at Cameron Chapman’s Call to Action Buttons guidelines, best practices and examples to give you some more ideas.

You should also surf the PrestaShop Showcase and browse by category to find online shops just like yours!

Want to create an online store with PrestaShop? Download PrestaShop for free today or check out our free Demo!

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