the best ways to increase ecommerce mobile engagement and sales

There are a lot of questions about the need for a mobile friendly e-commerce site. However, according to an eMarketer study, m-commerce sales are expected to generate more than $108 BILLION in U.S. retail sales by 2017. If your mobile conversion rates are low, it’s probably because your online store isn’t optimized for mobile visitors.

That brings us to the important question all online retailers are asking: What’s the best way to increase e-commerce mobile engagement and sales without spending a fortune? Well, that’s easy – today we’ll share how you can do just that…for free.

How do I make my online store mobile friendly?

I recently wrote a blog post on why every online store needs a mobile and tablet version, many readers talked about how expensive it is to make a mobile friendly site and how responsive design just doesn’t do the trick alone.

That’s why today we’re introducing, a mobile web engagement powerhouse with unmatched features for PrestaShop stores when accessed by mobile visitors!

PrestaShop has teamed up with (featured on TechCrunch!), the most innovative mobile solution on the market that allows you to instantly transform your online store into the best mobile shopping experience. Once integrated, will overlay your site on a new semi-transparent layer adding unmatched functionality for your mobile customers.

A mobile shopping experience that engages visitors and boosts sales!

Everything you need to increase your mobile success! Discover all of’s features:

Push Notifications

When a mobile visitor lands on your site you can notify them about your store’s latest updates!

Easy Mobile Search

It’s super simple for your mobile visitors to find exactly what they are looking for with a site-wide search tool wherever they are on your site.

Take a look at how works on PrestaShop store,, when accessed from a smartphone.

Powerful Checkout Funnel

Customers can checkout from any page on your site with’s unique mobile shopping cart, optimized for mobile checkout.

1-Click Social Sharing

Your customers can share your shop with their social networks and tell their friends all about your amazing store!

Even more options

Register your online store for FREE to customize, see localization options, access analytics, text size adjustment and more! No need to make changes on your site and works whether or not your shop is “mobile-friendly.”

In just a few clicks you can make your shop perfect for mobile visitors!

Simply install the module for PrestaShop, click on configure and follow the instructions on the screen to register your site for free. Add powerful features to help visitors search, discover, share and purchase your products on the go today!

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