According to the Wall Street Journal, Single’s Day in China saw $5.7 billion in online sales in 2013. This is one of many opportunities online retailers are missing if they aren’t implementing the best practices for international eCommerce for 2014.

With e-commerce, the world is easily within reach! Today, I’ve covered everything to help you grow your e-commerce profits and increase your customer base with online shoppers from across the globe.

PrestaShop and GoInterpay have combined solutions to offer merchants a turnkey localized pricing, e-commerce, shipping and fraud free all-in-one solution. The first of its kind, this cutting edge new module gives you the power to instantly go global. The best practices below can be easily achieved when you download the GoInterpay module for your PrestaShop store.

Localize your site

This is the first aspect of convincing international shoppers to shop on your online store. Your entire site should be translated including the check-out funnel, product catalog and miscellaneous pages. Translations are only the beginning of localizing your site; you should also display country-specific currency, metrics, sizes, date formats, address formats and international customer service phone numbers.

PrestaShop users will benefit from PrestaShop’s very powerful language engine which can detect where a shopper is visiting from and automatically localize the store-front. GoInterpay has pre-built Geo-location technology that welcomes your international customers and allows them to shop and pay in their local currency.

Support International Payment Methods

In order to achieve successful globalization of your e-shop, you should offer the preferred payment methods for the different countries you are targeting. For example, in Germany the preferred payment method is bank transfers while almost 40% of the market in Japan uses JCB credit cards. With so many different options around the world, it’s important to find out what your customers prefer and you can integrate with these payment methods directly.

GoInterpay allows your customers to pay to select a form of payment that they are most comfortable with from over 100 localized payment methods including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex and many eWallet and direct cash methods. Merchants can be confident that they will be paid the accurate USD amounts guaranteed and feel secure with GoInterpay’s 100% fraud protected processing.

Global Shipping

Shipping can be the most complicated aspect of globalization. Many online merchants choose to work with a third party such as GoInterpay since it’s the most cost effective way to ship internationally. GoInterpay automates taxes and duty compliance so that you don’t need to worry about it. You’ll also have all the tools you need for return support, full package tracking and the ability to ship to over 150 countries.

GoInterpay also handles all documentation and labeling, taking a load off online merchants. By notifying customers about duty and tax fees prior to purchasing, your customers will never have an unexpected expense.

Start selling internationally today!

There’s no faster way to grow your e-commerce profits than by making your online shop accessible to the world! PrestaShop has made it easy for you by partnering with industry leading solution, GoInterpay, offering benefits for retailers and customers alike! Get started today and download GoInterpay for PrestaShop v.1.4 and above!


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