For a complete recap of PrestaRocket’s Denver adventures, check out Part One of his blog.

Part Two

The Summit is in full swing, and boy have I been busy. Our day started at 9 a.m, and I have been flying all over the exhibition hall since. This place is packed with some of the biggest names in the world of e-commerce, and I even had the opportunity to pose for a few pictures with our partners from Chetu.

(Don’t we make a cute couple?)

After hanging with the Chetu crew for a little while, I decided it was time for me to venture off to see what kind of trouble I could get into.

At first, I told myself that I was going to fly my tail over to the concession area and get that beer I’ve been craving all week. Then, the little voice inside my head said “You’re working PrestaRocket, you can’t have a beer now.” I told my conscious to “keep quiet” but in the end, I knew he was right and now wasn’t the time for beer.

Passing on the cerveza, I spent the next hour or so flying around the exhibition hall before gravitating back toward Chetu’s booth.

When I was visiting with them earlier, I noticed these turquoise-colored stress relievers that looked nice, so I thought I would try and make a few new friends.

(I really tried hard to fit in)

When I returned to Chetu, me and the balls hit it off right away. They even invited me into their house and told me to make myself comfortable anywhere I’d like. And as you can see from the picture above, I took them up on that offer.

After spending nearly an hour chatting it up with my new friends, I decided to go see what my buddies at Avalara were up to.

(Me and my buddy Volley. He was cool)

When I arrived at Avalara’s booth, I was immediately drawn to this cool looking beach ball on display. Don’t get me wrong, Avalara offers the best sales-tax automation services out there, but I’m a hand-held rocket and inanimate objects are more my thing.

After taking a few photo’s with my friends from Avalara, I thought they might be missing me over at the PrestaShop booth so I decided to fly back.

(That’s me… getting ready for takeoff)

It was a good thing I showed up when I did, too, because the entire PrestaShop team was super busy showcasing our amazing e-commerce software to dozens of people.

Seeing how hectic things were, I decided to jump in and help. And though I was hoping to get partnered with Sabrina, I was asked to work with Ben to showcase our new Mobile Application.

For those of you who have yet to see it, PrestaShop’s Mobile Application is awesome!

Every PrestaShop merchant can now create a mobile version of their online store, and given the recent spike in m-commerce sales over the past two years, not having a mobile extension of your store just seems crazy to me.

Anyway, Ben and I spent the next few hours kicking tail and taking names. We introduced the new mobile platform to hundreds of people, and the response we received was amazing.

At this point, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had a lot of fun showcasing our Mobile App, and believe it or not, I actually enjoyed working with Ben.

As the afternoon pressed on, I started to feel exhausted. It was then I decided to call it quits for the day and get some rest.

In a few minutes, I will be heading back to my room to nap before dinner.

I’ve been told that we are going to a very nice restaurant tonight, and as a reward for all my hard work, they even said I could choose anything I want from the menu (keeping my proverbial fingers crossed).

As for tomorrow at the Summit, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. However, no matter what we have planned, I promise to work my way into a few fun photos and share them with you in the next installment.

OK, that’s it for me tonight. It’s time to go nap. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what went down during part three of my Denver adventures.

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