Tea Village is a relatively new company based in Thailand, and they have already managed to gain a firm grip on domestic and international customers alike. With their own tea plantations, Tea Village is able to offer their high quality products at a low and affordable price. The company greatly values customer feedback and has gained major popularity throughout Thailand, and now across the world thanks to their online store and international shipping.

Palita, the site’s manager, was kind enough to speak about her experience with PrestaShop: “I have worked with quite a few CMS systems, but PrestaShop is by far the most effective. Particularly, I appreciate the user friendliness and the simplicity of back office management; offering different product variations and offering international shipping is a breeze.”

Tea Village

While the e-commerce market in Thailand is still in its infancy, Tea Village has managed to make out well with the slowly growing market. Palita gave us her tips on how to succeed: “Before getting started in the e-commerce world, you’ll need to study the market you plan on entering and your competition, focusing their strengths as well as their weaknesses. It’s important to learn how to make the most of what works, to create a unique brand identity, and to know how to prioritize. For example, I would pay special attention to product images – the items you offer should be shown in the best way possible. Not only is the image of each product important, you should make sure that each product description is accurate and detailed.”

On their site, Tea Village offers a wide variety of teas and coffee beans. All of the tea that is offered is natural and can be blended to create a unique, relaxing cup of tea. The company is known for their excellent customer service and consistent communication with their customers—a true example that close relationships with customers can lead to great success. Each type of tea, as well as every other item that can be purchased on the store, has a space for customer reviews. Company contact information can be easily found on their site, a feature which customers love!

Go ahead and take a look at Tea Village’s website to get some great ideas of how you can improve your own site.

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