Spend your days mastering GTA 5? Avid player of Resident Evil? Do your nights turn into FIFA marathons on your PlayStation or Xbox? Then you would probably shop on PrestaShop powered e-commerce site, AiKade.com dedicated to selling video games and related accessories. Let’s dive into this motivating e-commerce success story.

As a beginner entering the first level of the e-commerce game, Osni Santos, an importer and distributor, entered the world of e-commerce in 2010 when he launched the project of AiKade.com together with his friends Aldo and Bruno. At the start of the business, Osni lived in Miami, Florida and worked with the importation and distribution of video game products from China. Osni’s interest in e-commerce and passion for video games helped him and his partners take on the next level in the game of e-commerce. What started as an idea to sell products in the United States and Brazil, became a reality. Their PrestaShop powered e-commerce site turned AiKade.com into an industry leader for e-commerce video game sales in Brazil. Today, AiKade.com has over 300,000 Facebook fans, more than 170,000 registered customers and earns over $1.5 million a year.

The site began on a simple platform designed by Bruno; but as the business began to take off and the need for an enhanced online store grew, Bruno turned to PrestaShop after hours of thorough research. “At that time the store looked basic and since then has evolved into a modern look and feel,” said Osni. The switch to PrestaShop not only made AiKaide.com much more visually appealing, it also drastically increase sales generating more profits for the entrepreneurial trio. The results were astounding and after three years since its launch, AiKaide.com has an average of 50 sales per day and over 8,000 products available in their inventory.

Osni’s advice for online retailers is the importance of offering a wide variety of products at a competitive price in order to successfully convert visitors into customers. In order to achieve this, the online store has a team dedicated to meet the great demand of customers and turn them into loyal shoppers. “To have customers return to an online store, it’s essential to offer quality products that do not present any defects. Furthermore, it’s important to provide customers with active updates to keep them engaged,” suggests Osni.

AiKade.com’s staff has created a successful online store by staying up to date on the latest technologies for both online marketing and sales. Google, Facebook and email marketing are among some of Osni’s favorite channels to drive traffic to their e-commerce site. He’s a fan of promotions to boost sales and recommends the Special Countdown Module which creates a countdown on the homepage showing a live countdown until the promotions expiration time. Osni also suggests that online merchants expand their knowledge of SEO and leaves readers with an important tip, “Engage in thorough research before creating categories and subcategories to ensure they are SEO friendly. SEO is an excellent tool to drive traffic and I believe this is the main way to see improved sales.”

When commenting about his experience with PrestaShop, Osni said “PrestaShop is the Ferrari of e-commerce, it’s the best e-commerce software with technology that surprises me.” His suggestions for future PrestaShop versions are to integrate an ERP system module in the software to help manage all aspects of an online store. He also suggests having a native module that allows merchants to make product adjustments in bulk.

Despite managing an office out of Miami, Osni only sells his products online and plans to continue his business solely online using PrestaShop. Osni plans to expand his geographical customer base and states “today we sell all throughout Brazil but as we sell over the internet, why not sell all around the world?” To achieve this global expansion, AiKade.com is preparing to set up the multi-store feature on PrestaShop. Osni warns online merchants, “Our investors are already interested in the project; however, this is a game of many stages and levels, once we identify the right players that’s when we’ll attack – just like any great video game strategy.”

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