After all the amazing positive feedback about version 1.5.5, we’ve cleaned it up – patched up some issues and are happy to present PrestaShop version 1.5.6!

The following issues have been resolved in v1.5.6:

- Smarty cache creation and refresh that randomly crashes store
- Cache creation and refresh of class_index files which manage the overridden core files
- Charset and encoding issues
- SSL Links (issue from Bitnami)
- Critical issue in the configuration of the shipping costs in multi-store
- More than 200 bugs and pull requests since version 1.5.5
And improved CSV import!

Click here to download the latest version of PrestaShop v1.5.6

Click here to download the 1-Click Upgrade v1.2 Module for Free! Please remember, if you have v1.1.7 or below, make sure to update to the latest version of the module v1.2 to ensure compatibility.

Next Stop: PrestaShop v.1.6
Check out the exclusive sneak peak at PrestaShop version 1.6 here.

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