E-commerce has revolutionized the shopping experience, making shopping quick and convenient, but the lack of human interaction is preventing e-retailers from making a genuine connection with their customers. Many e-commerce sites only offer e-mail addresses or online chat for support but let’s face it, today’s consumers are impatient and demanding and when they have a question, they want answers right away. Meet your customers’ needs and give them a human connection with the click of a button using Zingaya’s seamless voice calling capabilities.

With Zingaya you can embed a Call button onto your site within minutes. Customers can then click the Call button and the call is immediately forwarded to your call center, landline, mobile phone or voicemail. Your customers will speak to real sales and customer service representatives without even leaving your website!

The Zingaya voice calling module is available for free and can be found native in PrestaShop v1.5 or in the Addon’s Marketplace compatible with PrestaShop v.1.4 and v1.5. Take advantage of the latest technology to enrich your customers shopping experience and offer something the competition isn’t. We recommend integrating Google Analytics to help measure conversion rates boosted by the Zingaya call button. Traditional retail may be outdated but an element of old-fashion human interaction is still crucial for the ultimate shopping experience!

Click here to Download the Zingaya module for PrestaShop
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