It’s official! You’ve been waiting for it and we’re so excited to announce that PrestaShop 1.6 will release on March 17th at 12:00PM EST!

Have questions about this revolutionary new version of PrestaShop?

We’re happy to answer them for you! Submit your questions regarding v1.6 to our development team today through Thursday this week.

You can e-mail questions to

Stay tuned via the PrestaShop blog for the answers!

Want to learn more about PrestaShop v1.6? Watch the video and read these blog posts!

PrestaShop v.1.6 Back Office : What’s new and improved?!

PrestaShop Version 1.6: A look at the redesigned Front Office

Introducing PrestaShop v.1.6 New Dashboard

The countdown for PrestaShop v1.6 begins now!

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