Managing the logistics for your online store is the process of overseeing everything in the shipping process from a customer’s purchase order to its delivery. It’s a lot of work! Today, I’m happy to do the heavy lifting for you and go over the best ways to manage logistics for your online store.

Managing Logistics Internally

The benefits of managing your online store internally are clear. The ability to personalize packaging and oversee each individual order with the attention it deserves is great for customer loyalty but what happens when you start selling more?

Managing logistics includes the following responsibilities:

  • Processing orders
  • Restocking inventory
  • Delivering and packaging orders in a timely fashion
  • Tracking shipments from start to finish
  • Providing customer service
  • Producing reporting and analytics

For most e-businesses, this could be a real headache and very time consuming. Fortunately today’s technology offers various solutions to properly manage your e-commerce inventory and shipping so that you’re not alone!

Inventory and Order Management Solutions

Keeping track of your catalog inventory and orders is essential for running smoothly and achieving online success. I know that time is money for e-merchants and it can be extremely time consuming to manually manage your online store. You want to be sure to use a solution that connects to your back office and manages your inventory in real-time and updates every order in detail.
Take a look at these two modules, Store Manager for PrestaShop and DMU Quick Admin designed to make your PrestaShop store logistics administration much easier!

Shipping Solutions

If you’re not already using a shipping solution for your e-shop, you’re wasting too much time! There are tons of amazing solutions for e-commerce sites that allow you to save time with easy order preparation. Try shipping solutions that connect to your back office and automatically export addresses for shipping labels, update your system from payment accepted to delivered to received. Take full control of your logistics with complete services that make everything automatic.
Explore all of PrestaShop’s Shipping modules that do just that here.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of PrestaShop’s free logistics features built-in your software. Not currently using PrestaShop? What are you waiting for? Download PrestaShop today!

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