For those who have been anxiously awaiting the release of PrestaShop v1.5, take a deep breath and… exhale a sigh of relief. That’s right everyone! You guessed it. Our Team is proud to announce that v1.5′s Release Candidate is now available to download!

This means our Community can begin to develop modules and build their e-commerce shops with the v1.5 software, it will take just a little bit longer before the final version 1.5 goes public. Please keep in mind that the most important thing for us is your feedback as it will help to make our new software perfect!

Some of the new features you can expect with PrestaShop v1.5 are:

  • Multistore Management – Multistore will allow any merchant, regardless of shop size, to manage multiple stores from a single Back Office.
  • New Modules API – API structure has been revised to help you simply and efficiently manage updates to all of your modules. The API’s automatically check to ensure you always have the latest versions.
  • Cart pricing rules – Manage your cart’s pricing rules easily, with an ergonomic interface for any merchant. Now it will be easy to provide discounts on items in your customer’s cart. A convenient way to make promotional offers stand out to your customers (e.g. Buy two items, get the third for one dollar…)
  • Place or modify orders from the Back-office - This feature allows merchants to help customers over the phone and place the order for them.

Tons of additional features and optimizations are also available with the version 1.5; including a new design for the admin panel, a more advanced stock management tool and an improved customer service system… just to name a few!

Don’t wait! Download PrestaShop 1.5 RC1 to start developing your store, or new modules, before the Final version release!

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