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We grow as you grow, that has always been our philosophy.

At PrestaShop, our focus is to provide our merchants with the best possible, and most profitable, e-commerce software to make them successful online.
The development of our software has been directly connected to contributions from our expert community. We will always stick to our Open-Source roots. We sincerely thank everyone who contributes to the growth and success of PrestaShop — from the Community forum to GitHub, our community involvement is amazing and we appreciate it!

Now, let’s share what we’ve all been waiting for… drum roll, please.

Today marks the release of PrestaShop v1.5.5! Available for Download today!

This version of PrestaShop houses some major improvements and new features.

Breakthrough Speed and Stability

  • We spent countless days and nights working internally, along with our community, diving deep into PrestaShop’s code to tremendously optimize the software for stability and speed. Because of our collaborated effort, you’ll find this version of 1.5 to be the fastest yet. You and your customers will notice the difference in speed and “smoothness” of both the Back-Office management and the front-office navigation. Along with these significant performance improvements, we made sure to boost our Installer for both security and speed. We’ve also added more languages and time-zones. It’s now Better, Faster and Stronger than ever!

NEW Shipping Wizard

  • Cosmetically, you’ll notice one major improvement to the Back-Office. In v1.5.5 we implemented our newly designed Shipping Wizard! No longer will you have to jump-around your Back-Office with different configurations for carriers, shipping fees, zones, and price/weight ranges. Along with your user-feedback, we have consolidated the entire Carrier configuration into one easy-to-use wizard. It’s now tremendously easier to set-up and maintain your logistics. We take you step by step through the Shipping Wizard from start to finish. Below is screenshot of the configuration page.

Start Using PrestaShop v1.5.5 Today!

If you already have a PrestaShop store, take advantage of our free One-Click Upgrade module. Be sure to download the latest version of the One-Click Upgrade Module here. Once you download and install the module, simply follow the steps provided to update your store to v1.5.5 (click here for Upgrade Documentation)

If you are looking to start using PrestaShop, download PrestaShop v1.5.5 and begin building your store today! PrestaShop is completely free-forever with no fees or commission, ever.

We’ve got the resources to help both new and existing merchants. Check out our free user-guide for configuration help, or browse the thousands of modules and themes at our Addons Store. If you are still having some trouble, or just want to connect with other PrestaShop users, join our Community Forum with over half a million members!

Between the numbers:

Since our last release of 1.5.4 there has been

To view the full list of 485+ improvements and bug fixes for this new version, take a look at the Changelog 

We grow as you grow. Thanks to everyone, we’ve made the best Ecommerce software even better with PrestaShop v1.5.5. Try it today!


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