In the world of e-commerce, analytics is king. And when it comes to growing revenues by making smarter marketing and merchandising decisions, there is no better solution available to PrestaShop users than Jirafe

Jirafe is already used by tens of thousands of online retailers who depend on fast, reliable data insights to grow their business. And with the release of their newly redesigned dashboard, there has never been a better time for PrestaShop users to take full advantage of Jirafe’s analytic services.

The new Jirafe dashboard now includes trending indicators, the ability for complete customization and the power to manage business reports with the simple click of a mouse.

(Master the new Jirafe dashboard in minutes)

Not only is the new Jirafe dashboard easy to use, your store’s analytics are now beautifully displayed in a simple-to-read format. Now every online merchant can monitor and control all aspects of their business with extreme ease and exceptional efficiency.

In additional to providing detailed analytics, Jirafe helps merchants generate comprehensive reports on anything from abandoned shopping carts to weekly sales figures.

Jirafe can also provide in-depth analysis of your store’s product flow and daily revenue. This type of statistical data gives merchants the analytical power needed to create focused marketing campaigns and detailed sales strategies.

If you want to increase your conversion rates, improve the effects of your marketing budget and grow your online revenues, Jirafe’s analytics will even tell you what changes to make to your online marketing activity and what product(s) to promote in your store. How cool is that?

(Customizing Jirafe is fast and simple)

In fact, Jirafe’s analytic reports are so effective; PrestaShop merchants saw an average 8% sales increase within the first six months.

If you want to make better business decisions and increase your revenue, then Jirafe is a must have feature for every PrestaShop user.

The Jirafe module is included natively in PrestaShop v1.4.9. It will also be included natively in v1.5, which is currently in release candidate testing.


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