PrestaShop is proud to announce the release of our new Mobile Application, which gives all PrestaShop merchants the ability to create a uniquely successful mobile extension of their e-commerce website.

For just $69 a month — or $690 a year — every PrestaShop merchant can create a unique mobile application (that will be made available in the Apple Store) so customers all over the world can shop using their smartphones or tablets.

Installation is quick and easy, and the best part is, you’ll be able to customize, control and modify the mobile app right from the Back Office of your current PrestaShop store.

Some of the amazing features housed in the Mobile App include:

Complete Design Control — PrestaShop’s Mobile App is the only one that offers a quick and powerful customization via an easy Drag ‘n Drop technology. Drag, move and drop any block on your app’s homepage. It’s as easy as ABC.

Push Notifications — Increase your customer’s awareness about your last promotions via ultra-targeted Push Notifications directly on their smartphones. Send up to 1 million Push Notifications per month… for FREE!

Complete Customization — The PrestaShop Mobile module installed in your back-office allows you to modify your app live, so you – and your customers – can immediately see the most recent updates.

Continuity — Don’t worry about Apple’s iOS updates. Your PrestaShop Mobile App will always be up-to-date and compliant with Apple’s latest iOS without any action required from you!

Frequent Updates — Be part of the PrestaShop Mobile Community and enjoy regular improvements and new features directly from our Mobile Team. Features are automatically added to your Back Office, so  no action is required from you!

Powerful Sales Interface — Cross-selling, complete dashboard, store locator, user geo-location, mobile payment… our Mobile App is a revolutionary new way to sell online, anywhere, anytime… the way your customers need it!

With PrestaShop’s new Mobile Application, merchants everywhere can rest comfortably knowing that they will never be charged for setup or transaction fees.

Still not convinced? Consider this. Thirty-four percent of all online shoppers make purchases on their mobile devices. And by the year 2015, Juniper Research expects that the m-commerce market will surge to account for $670 billion in world-wide retail sales.

No matter how you feel about m-commerce, these projections are hard to ignore. So if you’re looking to maximize your profit margins and get the most out of your e-commerce experience, then having a mobile extension of your online store is a modern necessity.

Order PrestaShop’s Mobile Application by October 31st and get one months free. Just use code PSBLOG-APP at checkout!

Remember, our Team is always here to assist you. So if you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime at 1.888.947.6543.

Note: For now, PrestaShop’s Mobile Application is only compatible with v1.4.x. It will be made available to all v1.5 users very soon!

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