The world of e-commerce is filled with countless ideas for prosperous storefronts. But every once and a while we stumble across a brilliantly executed online business that stands as an independent trend-setter, a bench mark for successful online stores everywhere.

Today, PrestaShop is proud to present Paula & Chlo Handbags as one of those exceptional websites. With our free Open-source software, Paula & Chlo is out to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing today’s modern woman the ability to ‘carry your passion’ through a unique collection of designer handbags that are sure to compliment any outfit with an heir of classic elegance.

Paula & Chlo is changing the way women accessorize one luxurious handbag at a time. But its success didn’t happen overnight. In fact, the company started with one woman’s passion for purses before being parlayed into a successful online business. “After years of selling antiques online, I decided to turn my passion for purses into an e-commerce handbag boutique,” said Paula Slof, CEO and founder of Paula & Chlo Handbags.

Understanding the market for online fashion is littered with big name companies, Paula & Chlo wanted to offer something the major players did not… an online shopping experience with personality. “We give our savvy clientele great customer service, fabulous products, competitive pricing and an easy-to-shop website. When our clients peruse our online store, we strive to give them a true boutique experience,” said Slof.

“We found out the hard way that the most critical part to a good e-commerce site is the shopping cart. Our first two shopping carts had numerous problems and limitations that interfered with proper functions. Luckily we came across a great programmer, Stephanie of Sweet Boutique Designs, and she suggested we try PrestaShop. With PrestaShop, we had the choice to build our cart into exactly what we wanted,” said Slof.

After numerous failed attempts using other e-commerce platforms, Paula & Chlo decided to turn to PrestaShop’s free Open-source software when creating their online boutique because of its simplicity, versatility and performance.

PrestaShop has given us the tools we need to develop a competitive site. Because PrestaShop has built in Search Engine Optimization, it has helped bring more potential customers to our site, thus helping us with company branding. Our cart also has the ability to grow, as our business grows, and that has made all the difference,” said Slof.

Slof wasn’t without advice for those considering a similar e-commerce path. She says the key to building a successful online business is “research, research, research.” She also reminds potential e-commerce merchants to know what they are getting into before they start, and to keep an eye on the end goal even when all you want to do is give up. “Every business takes work, and this is your business – commit yourself to succeed!”

Another key ingredient to the success of Paula & Chlo is found in their use of PrestaShop’s completely customizable features when launching various social media campaigns. And through the continued commitment of Elaine Biss, Paula & Chlo’s consultant and stylist, what started as a small boutique has grown into a major fashion brand backed by an army of loyal followers scattered across numerous social networking platforms.

Thousands of merchants turn to PrestaShop everyday as their preferred e-commerce solution. Paula & Chlo Handbags did, and today they stand as one of the world’s leading online destinations for designer purses.

Don’t let your big idea fall by the wayside. Become a unique portal for success in a world full of imitators by downloading PrestaShop today!

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