Today’s modern man can be defined as a fashion-forward trendsetter who works hard during the day and plays even harder at night. Given this fact, we are forced to come to the conclusion that men, believe it or not, actually care about fashion.

Our society is connected in every sense of the word. Information and products that were once inaccessible 20 years ago are now accessible to the masses. This has not only changed the way we live our everyday lives, it has also changed the way we dress.

Today’s men know what type of clothes, fabrics, colors, knits and fits they like. They are aware of fashion trends. They are budget conscious, and they aren’t willing to sacrifice quality, comfort or style for rock-bottom prices.

Need proof? Check out this statistic from the research firm MarketLine. In 2014, the world market for menswear is expected to exceed $402 billion. This figure represents a market expansion of more than 14 percent during a five-year period.

With such expansive growth in the world of men’s fashion, it should come as no surprise that more and more unique men’s clothing stores are being opened online.

The Fresh Brand, a label of the Cocotier Group, was created by Jacquy and Allon Zibi (who were already at the head of the immensely popular French American brand Legend & Soul).

Shortly after opening Fresh Brand, the Zibi’s decided to launch an e-commerce website with PrestaShop.

Three years after its creation, Fresh Brand stands as a profitable extension of the Group while receiving more than 250 new customers every month.

“We target Fresh Brand to the 20-40 year-old man by delivering unique and modern styles that blend with individual budgets and tastes,” said Alex Zibi, Sales Manager at the Fresh Brand.

The Fresh Brand collection reflects the American lifestyle with a European touch. They offer a complete line of relaxed casual wear and sportswear for today’s modern man.

Inspired by a vintage look, Fresh Brand continually distinguishes themselves, season after season, as one of the world’s leading men’s fashion boutiques.

Fresh Brand has undoubtedly benefited from tremendous industry growth and has grown to be immensely popular in both the United States and Europe.

Fresh Brand’s has extended its reach to countless of customers throughout the world who remain loyal to the brand for its quality, style and cost.

Not every e-commerce business can be as successful and unique as Fresh Brand. However, every merchant using PrestaShop to power their online store can rest comfortably knowing that they are armed with the tools necessary for success.

If you haven’t yet downloaded PrestaShop, what are you waiting for? Follow in Fresh Brands footsteps and start building your online business today!

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