In recent weeks, PrestaShop proudly partnered with AddShoppers, a revolutionary social sharing and analytics platform designed for the world of e-commerce.  With the release of PrestaShop v1.5, AddShoppers is a simple one-click install while earlier versions still benefit from an easy five-minute copy/paste installation.

“With, retailers will be able to determine who among its customers are sharing the most often and having the highest impact on sales.” — Internet Retailer Magazine

AddShoppers provides free social sharing buttons to your PrestaShop store in an effort to increase product sharing while providing detailed ROI analytics that illustrate how social media is driving online revenue.

“Our retailers have been extremely pleased with their results from our social commerce platform.  There’s a lot of value in being able to easily see which social channels — whether it’s Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook “Want” — are actually driving sales.  We’re excited to bring this new functionality to the PrestaShop community,” said Jon West, CEO of AddShoppers.

AddShoppers’ Features:

Conversion Tracking: This feature measures the value of social sharing as it pertains to your shop’s orders and revenue. Conversion Tracking also helps identify influential social media followers by showing you which orders were influenced, and by whom.

Pre-purchase Rewards:  This amazing new feature offers customers a special coupon for sharing your products with friends across social networking websites.   The more a customer shares, the greater their reward! This feature has been proven to increase product sharing twofold.

Sharing Buttons for Retail:  Add Shoppers proudly includes the first Facebook “Want” and “Own” buttons. This revolutionary new feature is ideal for sharing products — not just articles and content — across the world’s most popular social networks.

In addition to the features mentioned above, AddShoppers empowers merchants to track product sales across social networks by providing detailed analytic insights. For example…

  • AddShoppers will graphically display that Product X has been shared 100 times, resulting in 500 clicks, five sales and $500 in revenue.
  • John Smith shared 15 products resulting in 400 clicks, seven sales and $600 in revenue.
  • The average “Like” is worth $1.25. The average Tweet is worth $1.00 and the average pin is worth $1.50 in incremental revenue for your store.
  • Facebook accounts for 20 percent of shares and clicks and 50 percent of product revenue.

AddShoppers not only helps you drive business, increase online profits and create a loyal army of repeat customers, it also helps drastically reduce shopping cart abandonment. By using AddShoppers to create social rewards programs for your customers, those with a coupon in hand while checking out will not have to abandon their cart in search of one.

AddShoppers is completely free to use and is included as a native feature inside PrestaShop v1.5. All you need in order to take advantage of this premiere social platform is a free AddShoppers account.

Click here to create your account today!

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