When it comes to e-commerce events, there’s one thing our experience has taught us… if we host it, they will come.

Over the weekend, PrestaShop teamed up with our friends from Jirafe in order to deliver an incredible e-commerce event at WeWork Labs in San Francisco, California.  The turnout was nothing short of incredible, with online merchants, developers, web agencies and various industry partners making up the majority of what was undoubtedly a packed house.

PrestaShop’s Chief Operating Office, Matt Serralta, took center stage in an effort to showcase our revolutionary open-source solution.  And given the amazing reviews surrounding v1.5.2′s release, Matt was able articulately relay just how easy it is to build, maintain and effectively market a successful online storefront with PrestaShop as your chosen e-commerce solution.

"(Matt Serralta talks about PrestaShop)

After Matt’s presentation, Jesse Middleton, the Director of Business Development at Jirafe, took the floor and delivered a riveting presentation on how every merchant can use Jirafe to improve sales through e-commerce analytics.

"(Jesse Middleton speaks to the crowd about analytics)

For those who don’t know, Jirafe is a revolutionary analytics dashboard – included as a native feature inside all versions of PrestaShop v1.5 – which provides e-merchants with all of the necessary information needed to drive a successful online store.

During Jesse’s presentation, you could tell there was a buzz in the crowd. In-depth analytic analysis, like what Jirafe provides, is essential in the world of e-commerce. And when everyone in attendance saw just how easy it was to use Jirafe in the Back Office of PrestaShop, eyes started to widen. “I will definitely start using Jirafe,” said Andrew Sotura, President at InkRecycling.org.

After the conclusion of both presentations, the energy of the room changed into that of a true workshop.  Dozens of e-commerce enthusiasts gathered to share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others.

"(Members of our Community collaborate)

Keala Kendall, Director of Partnerships at PayPal, was among those interacting with participants. She was also kind enough to contribute to the discussion when the topic of online payment processing solutions came up.

All an all, the entire event went off without a hitch. Everyone seemed to learn something, be it from the presentations delivered by Matt and Jesse, or from general collaboration with like-minded e-commerce enthusiasts.

That said, we would like to extend a special thank you Inga Nataya, a loyal PrestaShop merchant who came all the way from Los Angeles to attend the event. Without merchants like Inga, and without Community members like the ones who joined us in San Francisco, PrestaShop would not be where it is today.

One last thing… PrestaShop is heading to Brazil at the end of the month for two events, and if you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to check out the following article.

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