Call it Darwinism if you must, but our planet can easily be categorized as a place where the meek fall before the mighty.  And if you stop and think about it, one could even say the world of e-commerce abides by a similar set of evolutionary guidelines.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to a company we like to call ‘king of the e-commerce jungle,’ Dirty Shirty. And while it may not consider itself the baddest lion in the bush, we’ve yet to see a better looking cat with more attitude than this… metaphorically speaking, of course.

A few years back, Dirty Shirty’s founder, Derek Cole, was playing in a band. Times were tough, money was scarce, and in order to pull in some extra cash, Cole started selling uniquely edgy tees at local concerts and online with eBay.

Before he knew it, the shirts Cole was selling started flying off virtual shelves. It was then, Cole quit his band and focused solely on the idea of creating a killer online store. Soon after, was born… tattoos and all.

After launching the Dirty Shirty website, much of its immediate popularity spawned from social networking platforms like MySpace, which played a huge role in the brand’s early success. Soon after the launch, models, celebrities and bands started contacting Dirty Shirty for free gear, and this led to major exposure for the brand.

Today, Dirty Shirty has carved a niche for itself in the underground fashion scene by offering a growing line graphic-style tees, shorts and sunglasses that are being devoured by a cult-like following.

Dirty Shirty currently has more than 83,000 fans on facebook, and their target audience ranges from high school kids to stay at home moms. The company also has a massive fan base in the tattoo community since many of its models are adorned with some of the coolest ink you’ll ever see.

Dirty Shirty’s sales have skyrocketed in the past few years, and a company that started out as one man’s means for extra income has now grown into a major fashion brand that’s sold in stores like Hot Topic all over the world.

“When I started Dirty Shirty, it was simply an idea to generate extra income. Now our brand has gotten so big, the band I was once trying to support is no more, and Dirty Shirty has become a full-time, round-the-clock gig,” said Cole.

When asked why he chose PrestaShop as his e-commerce solution of choice, Cole said “When looking for the right e-commerce software, we chose PrestaShop because it was amazingly easy to use and keep up with stock. The software allowed us to customize our website to fit our brand, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

For those looking to follow a similar e-commerce path, Cole offered this advice. “Stick with what works for you, and do not follow trends. We have stayed true to the Dirty Shirty formula and watched other apparel companies fade from following the flavor-of-the-day look.”

The world is full of ideas, and regardless of what your mother tells you, not all of them are brilliant. However, if you think you have what it takes to flourish in the e-commerce jungle, then follow Dirty Shirty’s footsteps and download PrestaShop today!

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