Started in 1998, Planet Sushi revolutionized the food and beverage industry by offering a free-home delivery-of-sushi service. And in 2002, they changed the culinary game once again by embracing a new concept… posting live video feeds on the Internet from their kitchens.

After nearly 15 years of incredible innovation coupled with outstanding food of the highest quality, Planet Sushi is now proud to offer a new and truly unique online ordering system thanks to PrestaShop and its amazing flexibility.

Planet Sushi’s online menu offers more than 180 menu items, and all orders can be completed online for in-store pickup or delivery.

Planet Sushi’s website features a seamless interface and enhanced interactivity. Its levels are filled with beautiful food descriptions and pictures, both of which help make Planet Sushi’s online ordering system simple, fun and efficient.

With Planet Sushi, online ordering gives customers complete control. Anyone can modify an order, provide special preparation instructions or even enter a specific delivery time.

Thanks to Planet Sushi’s flawless order processing system, users can also opt to save their payment information for expedited online service on all future orders.

When asked why they chose PrestaShop, William Edgar-Bonnet, Head of Internet Marketing for Planet Sushi, said “PrestaShop allows for genuine expansion opportunities. Also, the entire Planet Sushi franchise continues to benefit from a wide selection of customizable modules. Perhaps the best thing about PrestaShop, however is its complete developmental flexibility and its easy-to-use Back Office interface,”

In an effort to give fellow restaurateurs and future e-commerce merchants some advice, Edgar-Bonnet said every successful e-commerce business needs to work hard at achieving SEO.  He also said design is critical, and every user should be able to navigate through a site without complication.

Edgar-Bonnet also feels it’s important that every online shopper knows exactly who you are and what you’re selling within seconds of visiting your website. Therefore, make sure to build a user-friendly homepage that fully – and accurately – represents your business.

Planet Sushi is one of the first major food chains embracing PrestaShop’s modern technology by offering a revolutionary online ordering system. All signs point to this being the future trend of the food and beverage industry, so if you own and operate a restaurant and want to take your business to the next level, then download and install PrestaShop today!

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