To many, cycling is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, one that requires pain, sweat, commitment and desire. No company in the world understands that better than b’Twin, France’s leading bicycle retailer.

In 2007, b’Twin took it upon themselves to create, design and execute a massive project called the b’Twin Village.  The driving force being this project was to create a safe and challenging area completely dedicated to cycling and those who love to ride. In 2010, b’Twin made their vision a reality by creating an 184,000 square mile riding park in the city of Lille, France.

In July of 2012, b’Twin decided to use the opportunity of a brand overhaul to open an online store with PrestaShop.


After a few months of planning and execution, b’Twin created one of the most uniquely beautiful online stores we’ve ever seen. b’Twin’s homepage showcases a massive full-screen slideshow that rests above stunning graphic entry points to product pages, where the coolest feature of the b’Twin website rests.

While most merchants fill product pages with company generated material, b’Twin displays both editorial and community content. This means recommendations are enriched by the internet users who are invited to create content and upload photos directly to b’Twin’s product pages.


When asked why b’Twin chose PrestaShop as its online solution, Christophe Perette, Web Brand Manager for b’Twin, said “By choosing PrestaShop, we’ve been able to duplicate our catalogs and manage them differently for each country, connecting all our sites through the same platform, then feeding that platform with editorial and community content.”

With the launch of the new b’Twin website, the company hopes to attract global brand loyalty. And given that innovation and longevity are central to b’Twin’s success, we have no doubt that the sky’s the limit for this company that has been happy to build its reputation two wheels at a time.

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