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In 2007, PrestaShop started with one goal in mind – to give every person in the world the opportunity to create a professional online store by providing them with completely free, easy to use e-commerce software. Back then, there were only 5 PrestaTeam members in Paris, about a thousand PrestaShop stores and a small grassroots community. Now in 2013, there are nearly 80 PrestaTeam members between Paris and Miami, over 150 thousand active online stores and nearly 600 thousand community members.

Today, we celebrate another milestone, our 3 MILLIONTH download!

We Grow as You Grow

It gives us great joy to know that these downloads represent our users’ first step towards their lasting online success.

PrestaShop’s .zip-file left its home server in Paris 3 Million times into the hands of brilliant developers and profitable online merchants. Our small yet powerful file has traveled beyond borders and across oceans to computers in 241 countries and territories (even Antarctica!). From all that traveling, we developed a sincere appreciation for beautiful planet Earth.

Think Green. Think PrestaShop!

In an effort to give back to this gorgeous world and celebrate this momentous download achievement, we partnered with Trees for the Future Certificate and will plant 3,000 trees throughout the remainder of 2013. We already encourage our team to make a conscious effort to print less, use recycled materials and reduce our carbon footprint in all business aspects; our pledge to plant trees around the world amplifies our free and open-source mentality.

To the edge of our solar system and back down to Earth, take a look at our Infographic detailing how far PrestaShop has gone and how planting 3,000 trees will positively impact the global environment.

We thank you for your support and wish you the best success!
Cheers to fresh air, clean water and lush landscapes.


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