Did you know that Brazil is home to more than 60,000 e-commerce stores? This means the largest country in Latin America is also the biggest e-commerce market in the region.  PrestaShop recognizes this growth, and in an effort to help the Brazilian e-commerce community evolve, we recently hosted a meetup event in São Paulo.

(Community Meetup in São Paulo)

One of the main topics discussed at the meetup revolved around the importance of PrestaShop being able to adjust its solution to more effectively meet the needs of local merchants and developers. Here are some of the suggestions that were offered by the Brazilian Community:

      • Include localized payment and shipping modules as native features within PrestaShop. The Brazilian Community specifically suggested that PrestaShop add Postal, PagSeguro, MOIP, Bank Transfer and Cielo to its solution.
      • Create new fields on the registration from to include ID numbers
      • Allow customization of fields
      • Improve PrestaShop’s performance so as to better meet the needs of online stores with large databases
      • Open new channels of communication with agencies to better report updates, new version releases, etc…
      • Promote local training for merchants and developers
      • Update translations
      • Host more e-commerce-related events in Brazil

Janaina Diaz, PrestaShop’s Brazilian Operations Manager, along with Matt Serralta, PrestaShop’s Chief Operating Officer, represented PrestaShop at the event. Both have committed themselves to putting the above-mentioned suggestions into practice while continuing to present new projects in an effort to promote platform growth within the region.

During the meeting, Matt presented the vision of PrestaShop as an international platform while underlining the company’s plans to strengthen its presence within the Brazilian Community. Matt especially made a point to thank everyone for their participation, vowing to continue to bring the best e-commerce solution to Brazilian merchants, developers and web agencies.

(PrestaBR presents Brazilian success stories)

We would like to extend a special thank you to the PrestaShop certified agency, PrestaBR, for their participation at the meetup as well as their continued support in the region.

In addition to the meetup, PrestaShop also hosted a merchant training event in an effort to give our interested Brazilian Community one-on-one e-commerce support.  More than a dozen merchants were in attendance, and we would like to thank them all for their time and wish them nothing but continued success.

(PrestaShop’s merchant training)

If you have ideas that can help strengthen PrestaShop in Brazil, we invite you to provide you thoughts, suggestions and feedback to janaina.diaz@prestashop.com.  Also, anyone at the meetup who would like to share photos of the event are encouraged to do so. When received, we will add them to our Brazilian Community photo album on Facebook.

(PrestaShop’s Brazilian meetup was attended by 80+)

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