When creating an online store, new merchants have dozens of major decisions before them. And while some choices require extensive research and time, others are fairly simple to make.

For example, designing a store’s layout can often be a tedious process. Every new merchant wants their website to look incredible — and we applaud them for that — but design is a huge project that takes time to perfect. So no matter what you do, your store isn’t going to look incredible right away. However, your online business can immediately function at an incredible capacity if you know what you’re doing.

Make no mistake about it, payment processing is crucial to the functionality and success of every online business. And choosing a payment solution is one of the first major decisions all new merchant must make.


Before we continue, consider this. Everyone who spends money online wants to know that each payment made is being processed safely and securely. That’s why it’s so important to choose a payment solution like Allied Wallet, which maintains an incredible global reputation for being both safe and reliable.

When it comes to payment processing in the world of e-commerce, there are numerous options for new merchants to choose from. But if you’re looking for an industry leader with a reputation for being cost-effective, fast, safe, simple and efficient, then we highly recommend you chose Allied Wallet.

The Allied Wallet module is included natively in PrestaShop’s new v1.4.9. It will also be included natively in the final version of PrestaShop v1.5. This means, if you are running either version of PrestaShop, no download is required in order to utilize Allied Wallet in your online store. All you’ll need is to locate the module in your Back Office, click install, and then sign up for an Allied Wallet account. It’s that simple.


Some of you are probably wondering just how, exactly, Allied Wallet works… and it’s simple. Customers using Allied Wallet simply deposit funds into an eWallet. And when looking to make a purchase, the total cost is deducted from the e-wallet quickly, safely and securely. It’s that simple!

In an e-commerce world where both online merchants and customers want easy and safe options when processing online payments, Allied Wallet users can rest comfortably knowing that every payment is processed quickly, safely and without confusion.

Allied Wallet accepts just about every form of payment imaginable including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China UnionPay, Maestro, European Direct Debit, ACH Payments and more.


Allied Wallet’s state-of-the art fraud scrubber is one of many features enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Additional features include 24/7 merchant and customer support, PCI DSS level one compliance and the ability to process more than 160 currencies.

To take full advantage of one the world’s leading payment processing solutions, all you need to do is install the Allied Wallet Module and sign up for a merchant account. Once complete, you’ll be ready to start accepting secure online payments from customers all over the world.


Note: For your chance to see Allied Wallet in action, check out the video below.


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