Throughout 2016, the PrestaShop team and our community have been working hand-in-hand to develop a new version of PrestaShop with some significant features and improvements. We’re incredibly excited to announce that 1.7 is ready to launch and available today at

Our goal for 1.7 is to help everyone to overcome the challenges of building and growing an online business. Key features will allow you to deliver more, with better quality, and faster. Some of you may have seen the major themes in our first video about 1.7. These are not just themes, they are objectives. We want all PrestaShop merchants, developers and designers to be more successful with 1.7 so let’s discover what’s inside…

Sell Faster: a shorter time to market
We have completely redesigned both the product and modules pages. With 1.7, adding new products, managing the catalog, and module management will take significantly less time and effort. We’ve also revamped the product check-out process which will improve the experience for your shoppers. By simplifying the front and back-office, you can sell more products faster than ever.

Create Easier: a unique user experience
The user experience in your store is a powerful way to create a great brand experience online. You’ll generate more loyalty and convert more visits into sales. In the coming months, we’ll be talking a lot about the importance of UX in ecommerce. For front-end developers and theme designers, you will discover a brand new Starter Theme in 1.7. Free from any markups or custom style, this new starter theme will enable you to build amazing templates in no time.

Code Better: Standardizing on Symfony
Version 1.7 incorporates new tools and standards, including the popular Symfony framework, and PHP 7 compatibility. The goal is to improve site performance, code security and new development on PrestaShop. The integration of Symfony is particularly significant. Using a popular open-source framework will enable developers to code with more efficiency and to benefit from a globally recognized framework.

This is the 7th major release of PrestaShop and we want to thank everyone who has contributed to Version 1.7. In addition to all of the features mentioned above, 1.7 is already available 25 languages! We could not do all of this without our amazing community. Download PrestaShop 1.7 today and get ready for an incredible year of ecommerce in 2017!

Helpful Links:
• Version 1.7 is available for download here
• Articles about 1.7 can be found on our developer blog
• Testimonials about Version 1.7 can be seen on our YouTube channel

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