PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

PrestaShop, the free and open-source software, owes a great deal to its community, which helps improve it every day. There are lots of ways to pitch in, from modifying the source code, or providing feedback on Forge, to creating modules or even participating in user tests. Although more discreet, the community’s involvement in the PrestaShop translation project has nonetheless made it possible to make the software available in nearly 65 languages. That lets sellers around the world open their shops for free and in their own language.

With the arrival of version 1.7 and new features, there’s new content that needs to be translated. Now more than ever before, PrestaShop needs its community to rally together.

Translate PrestaShop

Our translation project involves translating the PrestaShop software into more than 80 languages. In true open-source fashion, anyone who wants to help is welcome to do so. Some languages are already done (but improvements can always be made), while others are still being translated, and some are barely started.

Do you want to join the translation community? It’s easy:

  • Create an account on Crowdin.
  • Request to join the PrestaShop project for the language you want to translate.
  • Translate the software from English.

You can find more information on our translation project page (in English).
PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

Thanks to our community of translators

Since the project was launched on Crowdin in 2014, more than 1,100 translators have translated more than 3 million words in 72 languages. That’s huge!

To highlight the translators’ work and thank them, we recently created a site in their honor. That’s where you can find the biggest contributors since the launch of the 1.7 version. You can also follow the progress of ongoing translations:

If you’re thinking of participating in PrestaShop’s translation project and want to know more, take a look at the translator’s guide (in English), or contact us at :)

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