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After months of development and working closely with the Community, we’re thrilled to announce that PrestaShop 1.6 is now available. This new release is the smartest and most beautiful PrestaShop version to date and you don’t want to miss out!

- Upgrade to 1.6 with Auto-Upgrade Module
- Download PrestaShop 1.6

Check out these key enhancements and new features:

Redesigned and Fully Responsive Front Office Default Template

- The front office template is now mobile responsive, allowing your online shop to display perfectly when accessed from a mobile and tablet device.
- The powerful and popular Rich Menu module has been integrated into the default theme
- New Quick View feature has been added to let customers add a product to their shopping cart without ever leaving the page
- Attractive promotional banners to help you highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions
- Live Template configurator that lets you to edit the color and font of your shop directly from your front office
- Now customers can use the grid or list option when viewing your products
- Even more brilliant features including integrated product comparison with dedicated URL, new add to cart confirmation with cross selling, instant field format validation and MORE!

More information about 1.6 Front Office.

Redesigned and Fully Responsive Back Office

- The back office is now mobile responsive, letting you manage your shop from a mobile or tablet device, wherever you are!
- Completely new dashboard look that displays information that is important to you, in real time!
- Real-time net profit margin, a unique ecommerce feature that you will only find in PrestaShop 1.6
- Intelligent Merchant KPI (key performance indicators) are located throughout select pages in the back office, giving you in depth insight on your shop
- Smart Forecast Statistics Panel allows you to see how your sales are trending and what the outlook is for the future

More information about 1.6 Back Office and Dashboard.

- Upgrade to 1.6 with Auto-Upgrade Module
- Download PrestaShop 1.6

Watch the PrestaShop 1.6 Launch Video presented by PrestaShop CEO Benjamin Teszner and Co-Founder Bruno Leveque.

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Also, you can find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about 1.6.

What’s the wait? Download PrestaShop 1.6 today!

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