Paris Yorker sells, exclusively on the Internet, cashmere sweaters made in France.

Live in October 2011, the site has been developing steadily, seeing its orders increase.

The streamlined design of this e-store is particularly easy to navigate, with each product highlighted in its own optimized product page.

Homepage Paris Yorker

Alexandre Ignatoff, Paris Yorker founder, explains how PrestaShop was an easy choice, “I chose PrestaShop because its a solution that is particularly well-adapted to the type of online store I wanted to create, and for its excellent reputation: all the digital agencies recommended it.”

He appreciated the software’s user friendliness : « PrestaShop is very progressive and well-documented – it’s exactly what I was looking for. »

Alexandre Ignatoff is pleased with how easy-to-use and effective his e-store is, and that it didn’t require further development. « I don’t have a favorite module : I would say more that it’s the PrestaShop « package » that sold me ! »

Paris Yorker : an e-store with a difference

As well as boasting exclusively French production, Paris Yorker is a responsible, quality brand. No other brand in France (except Hermès) can produce such good quality cashmere in this price range, which raises Paris Yorker above the competition.

According to Alexandre Ignatoff, producing Made in France clothing means an investment in the top end of the market – a real added value. « We made this choice at the beginning of Paris Yorker. We wanted to send a clear message to the consumer : here you’ll find only top quality ! »

This is what Alexandre Ignatoff has to say to those preparing to start their own e-commerce business :

The most important thing for him is the design of the site. « Your online store is your display window : every detail counts ! So it’s important to have a nice aesthetic, clear menus, simple navigation and good pictures. »

His motto is ‘separate yourself from the competition’. To this end, it’s important to understand the markets, know how to stay ahead and be the best, or be ‘unique’. « It’s a waste of time to make a website that looks like all the others, or to enter an already crowded market, if you have nothing new to bring to the table. »

Finally, impeccable service is a must, « Delivery and returns must be free if at all possible. You should set up a phone line, offer as many payment methods as you can… . »

Opening your online store means paying attention to the details, but you won’t regret it !

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