Cross-device retargeting: reaching customers on all their devices

Cross-device retargeting: reaching customers on all devices

Well, Google has finally begun to implement changes that will enable advertisers to reach potential customers across all their devices in retargeting campaigns. It might have seemed like a trivial change, but the fact is,  until now, the ways in which Google allowed user data to be used in remarketing (Google’s term for retargeting) campaigns were limited.
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Code Better with PrestaShop 1.7

One of the key part of working on a major version is to review how things are made, to rethink our processes, and to modernize the codebase in order to stay technically relevant. Version 1.7 of PrestaShop is a major step in that direction, as this article will show.

Note that most of the information in this article comes from earlier articles published on the Build PrestaShop devblog, which you should visit regularly for the latest news from the development team!

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PrestaShop 1.7 is now available: discover the next generation of PrestaShop

Throughout 2016, the PrestaShop team and our community have been working hand-in-hand to develop a new version of PrestaShop with some significant features and improvements. We’re incredibly excited to announce that 1.7 is ready to launch and available today at

Our goal for 1.7 is to help everyone to overcome the challenges of building and growing an online business. Key features will allow you to deliver more, with better quality, and faster. Some of you may have seen the major themes in our first video about 1.7. These are not just themes, they are objectives. We want all PrestaShop merchants, developers and designers to be more successful with 1.7 so let’s discover what’s inside…

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Meet Krystian, Ambassador of the month | October 2016

With 49 contributions on GitHub and 1147 active posts on the forum, Krystian – one of our Ambassadors from Poland – is one of our top contributors. He has been chosen to be the Ambassador of the Month. We’ve asked him to answer a few questions. Read more