black friday

Last minute tips before Black Friday

As the Romans may have said on a day like today: “Barbari qui in porta sunt.”. In a more familiar tongue, “The Barbarians are at the gate”. Not that we’d want you to consider your customers to be barbarous, but as we all know, Black Friday has been known to elicit scenes of customers stampeding into retail stores in order to scoop up the best deals.

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Design Tips for a Successful Holiday Website

One of the best things about online shopping at the holidays is that consumers skip the high street madness: parking, waiting in long lines, discovering there’s no more paper just as they reach the gift wrap counter.

But shopping online can also be daunting, especially for customers who have a long list and no clue what to buy. Try some of these design ideas to simplify the purchasing process and give your customers–new and returning alike–a fun, festive online shopping experience.
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Cross-device retargeting: reaching customers on all their devices

Cross-device retargeting: reaching customers on all devices

Well, Google has finally begun to implement changes that will enable advertisers to reach potential customers across all their devices in retargeting campaigns. It might have seemed like a trivial change, but the fact is,  until now, the ways in which Google allowed user data to be used in remarketing (Google’s term for retargeting) campaigns were limited.
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