PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

PrestaShop, the free and open-source software, owes a great deal to its community, which helps improve it every day. There are lots of ways to pitch in, from modifying the source code, or providing feedback on Forge, to creating modules or even participating in user tests. Although more discreet, the community’s involvement in the PrestaShop translation project has nonetheless made it possible to make the software available in nearly 65 languages. That lets sellers around the world open their shops for free and in their own language. Read more

7 Keys To Successful Post-Holiday Marketing

7 Keys To Successful Post-Holiday Marketing

One of the eCommerce businesses’ biggest challenges after the holidays is how to market to customers who are marketed out? After they’ve been bombarded with sales and discounts and offers from Black Friday on, how can marketers coax them out of the post-holiday slump?

Offering your customers a fresh perspective for the New Year, encouraging them to buy something for themselves, nurturing new loyalty club members with targeted offers and other strategies can all help bring customers to your site and keep your sales from taking a nosedive.

Here how to have a high-performing post-holiday season: Read more

Everything you need to know about Google's possum algorithm

Everything you need to know about Google’s possum algorithm

It’s no secret that local results on Google have experienced a spike recently, and the most recent changes to the company’s search algorithm have continued this trend. Although not yet confirmed by Google, local search results have been pursuing a steady climb since September and SEO experts are now abuzz about the company’s new algorithm, which they say has accounted for a high number of possums. In this article, we explain everything you need to know to benefit from the new advantages of Google’s most recent changes. Read more


Meet Jayasilen, Ambassador of the month | November 2016

Jayasilen, our Ambassador of Malaysia, is working in Kuala Lumpur for a nutritional supplements company, where he is in charge of the online business, through a store powered by PrestaShop. He is the proof that PrestaShop is easy to use and user-friendly, as him and his assistant don’t have an IT background. To reward his loyalty, we chose him to be the Ambassador of November! Check out below his great answers to our questions. Read more