In recent years, technological development has brought significant changes in consumer behavior.

Currently consumers are becoming much more educated in their purchasing decisions, seeking information on products they buy online. They compare prices, generate product reviews and choose how, when and where to complete their purchase.

Technology has encouraged and facilitated consumers to incorporate multiples devices to their buying journey: mobile phones, tablets and computers; even television and offline stores are currently involved in the purchase process.

The Omni-channel, or “connected commerce” is a revolution that is taking place now. It’s where the boundaries between offline and online commerce disappear as consumers become more and more multi-channel.

In this new world, commerce expands beyond the walls of physical and online stores and creates new opportunities. Consumer expectations grow – they demand more control over their shopping experience and it becomes increasingly necessary to create a unique customer experience across all channels involved in the process.

The right partner

Some stores both online and offline are struggling to adapt to this new digital environment. Often they need a suitable partner to help them seize the opportunities created by the Omni-channel.

For many reasons, eBay is positioned as one of the most interesting alternatives to boost the Omni-channel strategy for small and medium enterprises.

eBay has more than 128 million active users worldwide, representing an alternative, but important sales channel. This e-commerce platform can help your products reach new buyers both locally and internationally. Why limit your product offering to local consumers, when there’s an increasing opportunity to expand your reach to consumers in other countries?

eBay has successfully been repositioned away from an auction and second-hand items site to a leader in today’s global commerce landscape. Currently, 75% of the products sold on the platform are brand new, sold at a fixed price. In addition, eBay embraced the importance of mobile commerce and recognised users would be buying and selling via their mobile devices. This is why, they are fully focused on the development and use of mobile technology to promote and ensure innovative omni-channel commerce experiences for local, national and global retailers.

eBay and PrestaShop

PrestaShop and eBay are both aware of new trends in the commerce field; they partnered in 2012. They have worked together to develop an add-on that allows you to duplicate your inventory and sell easily and conveniently on eBay. From your PrestaShop back office, you can control both your PrestaShop and eBay inventory and orders.

Download the module for free and start taking full advantage of the onmi-channel landscape with eBay.

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