Cart abandonment – it sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Well… it is! According to Fireclick, the average rate of customers adding an item to their cart and subsequently leaving it behind is 71.30%. For merchants, that is an extremely frightening number. Why are so many people initially interested in your product, but end up deserting it? Read more, we got the solution!

Why does cart abandonment occur? Why aren’t customers checking out?

Ever been bored at work and decided it was the perfect time to do some online shoe shopping? Oh come on, admit it, you’ve been there – after all, your bosses were at lunch! Well at least you thought they were. Just as you were about to seal the deal for the perfect pair of new kicks, they stroll right into the office and you make a dash for the X button. Six hours later, you forget it all happened and you turn into… the cart abandoner!

Whether it’s an incident similar to the one above, or something unrelated, an abandoned cart no longer has to mean a lost sale. With a few clicks at PrestaShop Addons, your conversion rate can be dramatically increased.

The new Abandoned Cart Reminder Addon developed by PrestaShop saves the day by bringing customers back to their carts!

We at PrestaShop have been both victims and perpetrators of abandoned carts… maybe even in the above mentioned shoe shopping scenario (Shh..don’t tell our bosses!). That’s why we have created a really cool and easy way for you to keep up with all of your customers that have open carts. Our great Abandoned Cart Reminder Addon will automatically send personalized emails to customers who have left items in their cart.

The best part of this module? It is completely customizable. We have a thing for hot pink and lime green here at PrestaShop, and we’re sure you recognize our emails because of it. Do the same for your customers! Worried your customers did not go through with a purchase because of price? Generate a coupon code to include in the email to further entice them. You can create several templates to use in different type of situations; whether they vary based on the total price of cart or you would like to create a few successive reminder emails, it can all be done!

We didn’t stop at personalization, coupon codes, and customization; we love out-doing ourselves for your benefit. You can review detailed statistics regarding the conversion rate of your various emails easily through your back-office. Find a few that work best for you and effectively win those customers back!

What are you waiting for?

Now, rewind to your little shoe shopping scandal. A few days after the mishap, you receive an email that reminds you about the awesome pair that you loved. Five minutes later, you enter your credit card information and make the purchase.

Voila! The Abandoned Cart Reminder Addon worked its magic.
Click here to experience a drastic increase of recuperated sales that would have originally been lost.

P.S. Did you know?

In your back-office, you can see the customers who have left items in their cart by choosing the “Shopping Cart” option in the “Customer” dropdown menu. We gave you the information and tools, now go ahead and turn that list into sales!

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