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Montagut is a ready-to-wear fashion company that is very well-known not just in France, but abroad too, in China. In fact, more than 85 percent of the company’s revenue come from the South East Asian market.

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A big believer in the potential of the Chinese market, Montagut was one of the first brands to establish itself in China more than 30-years ago.

The cornerstone of the company’s success in Asian territories is its star product, men’s woollens, the result of a unique process developed in France in 1962 under the label “Fil Lumière” (Light Thread).

The brand has opened subsidiaries in strategic areas like Hong Kong, Canton, Singapore, Taiwan and Tokyo.

On the back of their success in Asia, and with the idea of extending their market in mind, they recently decided to pen and online store with PrestaShop.

Partnering with PrestaShop

Mr. Grow, Montagut President, recently expressed his satisfaction with PrestaShop. “We were sure that PrestaShop would be able to adapt to the Chinese market and we were right. With PrestaShop, we were able to easily translate all of our content into Chinese characters. And we appreciate the flexibility of the software too, the fact that the different modules can be changed easily.”

The Chinese market

The Chinese market is undeniably attractive. But establishing a company in China is a fairly involved project as there are many factors to consider. Indeed, it’s crucial to understand the nature of such a market before launching into it.

“If you’re setting up in the Chinese market, you’ll need web hosting there. And these hosting services are pretty heavy going and generally not as efficient as in Europe.”

First of all, Internet networks are older than in Europe and often monitored by the state,“and everything is slower in China, so be prepared.”

As for e-marketing, habits are also different from Europe. “The Chinese don’t generally respond to well to emails, so don’t waste your time on email campaigns which don’t have a good ROI. The key is text messaging! After having discovered this we decided with PrestaShop to include a module that sends automatic SMS messages.”

In China as in the rest of the world, e-commerce requires that your team be responsive and adapt quickly to developments!

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