For 5 years in a row, PrestaShop will be participating in the biggest E-commerce Tradeshow in Europe! Held in Paris from September 24th to 26th, this event is the place to be for the latest e-commerce news and innovations. You don’t want to miss it!

The PrestaTeam Village!

This year we’re doing it big with a 272m² village where you’ll be able to meet our passionate team of e-commerce enthusiasts! Have questions about PrestaShop? We’ll be there to provide you with all the answers to make your online store successful and profitable!
For 3 full days, we’ll be at your disposal to talk about all things e-commerce! Are you about to launch an online store? Are you looking for new features for your ecommerce site? Are you searching for user or technical help? Here we are!

More than 20 of our certified web agencies and renowned industry partners will be joining us at our village. So if you need a web agency or innovative solutions tailored for PrestaShop, they will be there, happy to speak with you!
Last but not least, we’ll share our best e-commerce advice throughout a series of conferences the entire afternoon of Wednesday the 25th. If you’re looking for the best practices to successfully manage your online store, be sure to join us on this day!

Don’t hesitate, it’s now or next year!

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