One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make as an online merchant is selecting your hosting provider. An e-commerce site needs a reliable web host to keep it running smoothly at all times for customers. When it comes to hosting your site, speed is everything. Today online shoppers expect fast loading times and a seamless user experience when they visit your site, so make sure you can meet this expectation! Here are three reasons why it’s so important to have a top, high-speed web host for your online store.

Customers are crunched for time and shopping on the go

More and more shoppers are making purchases on their mobile phones and on the go, leaving them with little time and little patience. If the pages of your online store are loading slowly, you will frustrate and alienate these customers. You can avoid losing shoppers by ensuring fast site speeds, one of the key ways to optimize your online store.

Customers explore more pages on high speed e-commerce sites

Even your busiest customers will be tempted to delve deep into your e-commerce site if they see that your pages are loading quickly. Studies have shown that faster page loading times lead to higher page views, higher customer satisfaction and more sales. However, delayed loading times will have just the opposite effects, something every online merchant should avoid. Make it easy for customers to see more of your products and explore your site as fast as possible!

You can surpass competitors with faster site speeds

Don’t lose customers simply because your online store can’t keep up! Give your customers the great user experience they crave by offering fast loading times for the pages of your online store. If your site loads too slowly, customers will just go to your competitors who can offer a faster and easier experience! Your e-commerce site can gain a competitive advantage by optimizing it with the features online shoppers look for, the most important one being faster site speeds.

Get your online store up to speed today with PrestaShop industry leading partner A2 Hosting

With so many hosting providers to choose from, how do you really know which one is the fastest? Our partner A2 Hosting has blasted through tests that prove their fast speeds!

Read more about how they stacked up against their competitors here.

Whether you’re starting a new PrestaShop store or need a new solution for your high-traffic site, A2 Hosting can provide the high-performance fast hosting you need for your e-commerce site. A2 Hosting uses SSD for everything so you get the biggest speed possible. That’s why their SSD Hosting loads pages 300% faster than their competition. Their ultra-reliable, fully scalable solutions will meet every store’s unique needs. With easy plan upgrades, A2 Hosting makes it simple to update your hosting package as your site becomes more popular!

A2 Hosting’s All-inclusive Web Hosting is the perfect solution with its extensive features including:

• Unlimited Space, Domains & Data Transfer
• 1-Click PrestaShop Setup
• Ultra-Reliable Service & 24/7/365 Support
• Free Server Rewind Backups
• Free Content Delivery Network

Click here to learn more about A2 Hosting for your PrestaShop store and get started today!

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