There’s no denying it, online retailers are a small fish in a very big pond – so how do small e-commerce sites stay afloat with all the competition out there? There’s plenty of room for boutique online stores to make themselves more appealing than enormous online giants like Amazon.

Today, I’ll share 5 ways on how your e-commerce site can compete with e-commerce giants and become a profitable and successful online retailer.

1. Focus on a specific niche

If you want to set yourself apart from the massive competition, the best way to start is by focusing your products to cater to a specific niche. By keeping your focus on these specialty products, you’ll be able to sell aggressively as an expert in your market as opposed to the big fish like Amazon that sell so many different products. This way you can make your online store THE source for products in your specific category.

Take a look at these successful PrestaShop stores that do a great job at focusing on niche markets:

2. Offer more advanced features and information

In order to compete with the bigger online stores you’ll want to offer your customers and site visitors better features that really help them understand the product compared. Make your site the best source by including additional resources and features such as:

- Videos
- Personally written manuals
- 360º photos, zoom-in options
- Unique product descriptions
- In-depth customer reviews
- Product comparisons
- Expert advice

These are the type of features that will set you apart from the competition and really present your online store as an expert in the industry providing customers with more valuable information.

3. Commit your e-business to a cause

This is the perfect way to give back to the community and in return develop a very positive image for your online business. It’s a powerful way to set yourself apart from the bigger fish and incline customers to purchase from you instead. A simple donation for purchases or a commitment to work with an organization is an influential way to convince consumers to switch to your brand. Many successful online stores offer a to plant a tree for every purchase over a certain dollar amount, an option to donate a dollar to a specific charity during checkout or some even accept donations for a charity in return for a discount.

4. Provide premium customer service

Offer your customers unparalleled customer service for the niche products you’re selling. Provide your customers with support during the purchasing process with a support e-mail, contact phone number or via social media. By giving your customers personal advice and support throughout the entire shopping process and after placing an order, you’ll appeal to the thousands of customers who prefer real life expert support rather than automated generic support provided by e-commerce giants.

5. Build a strong presence on the web

The ultimate way to surpass e-commerce giants is by maximizing your visibility on the internet. Making your online store easy to find on Google and encouraging searchers to click on your link is the best way to make your online business the #1 option for consumers looking for your products. Enhance your SEO efforts and learn how with my recent blog post “5 Profitable tips to Drastically Improve SEO for your Online Store” and “Why Use Rich Snippets for your PrestaShop store” that highlight the best practices to improve your online visibility.

Present your online store as an expert in the industry with the best quality products and vital information for consumers and you are sure to set yourself apart from the online retail giants. Learn more about PrestaShop’s native features to help you or if you’re not using PrestaShop, download it today for free.

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