Many merchants overlook the power of product descriptions as they bulk upload their inventory. It’s easy to fall victim to writing easy standardized descriptions with little selling encouragement; however, many fail to recognize the impact of irresistible product descriptions and their influence on traffic and sales.

That’s why today we are ending these poor practices and exploring how to write product descriptions that increase sales and boost SEO!

1. Use Relevant Key Words

You hear the term relevant keywords all the time regarding SEO but using them within product description it’s a necessity. If you want to increase your traffic and sales, you have to start writing the way consumers are thinking. What are they searching in Google when they are looking for a product you have?

For example, if you’re selling black combat boots brainstorm the different search possibilities for describing black combat boots or use Google Keyword Tool and it’ll spit out the most popular keywords related to your item. Then take the words that are relevant to your product and spread them naturally throughout the description.

Try some of these SEO modules from the PrestaShop Official Marketplace to kick start your visibility efforts.

2. Leave Zero Question Unanswered

Try to answer the following questions while writing your product descriptions to make sure your customers aren’t left uncertain whether or not to purchase your products (these should help you during your brainstorming as well):

Who would use this product?
What are the features and details?
Where can you use this product?
When will you use this product?
Why is this product better than the competition?
How is it used?

3. Use Product Reviews

Including product reviews on your online store is a great way to engage customers, offer additional information on products and give potential customers reassurance on the quality of your products. Product reviews are a very valuable endorsement that instills a sense of confidence when contemplating a purchase.

See how French PrestaShop boutique, The Fab Shoes, uses product reviews to support the quality of their products by using ratings and comments from real customers.

Check out these various Product Review modules to help you start increasing sales and engaging customers.

4. Include a Call to Action

The final and vital part of the online shopping process: completing a sale. It’s important to encourage customers with a sense of urgency or an extra push to complete their purchase. A Call to Action statement or button should be included on every product page and throughout your shop. Start with these call to action statements and boost your sale conversions:

-Free Shipping Ends Today
-Subscribe to our mailing list and enjoy 15% off this purchase
-Limited Items Available
-Share this product and save 10% today
-Only 5 Left!
-Pre-order Now

Sell more today.

Start using these 4 product description practices today and see an improvement in sales and increased traffic. Is your inventory too large? Start by editing product descriptions for your top sellers and then work your way through the rest.

Happy selling!

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