For anyone who manages an online store, we know how important it is to focus marketing efforts on bringing traffic to your online shop. We brainstorm various options, implement different strategies and measure results but if you haven’t tried running a periodical newsletter, then you’ve missed an important marketing opportunity!

Let’s go over how to use newsletters to increase traffic to your online store and we’ll review the benefits, what to include and how to get subscribers.

Benefits of newsletters

The best aspect of a newsletter is what I like to call “traffic on demand” – Google Analytics are showing you that traffic is low this week? Maybe it’s time to send out a newsletter! By sending newsletters you’ll stay at the top of mind of your customers and invite them back to your online shop. The best part of a newsletter is that your customers opted in, which makes your recipients extremely valuable and very qualified. Here I’ve bullet pointed the benefits of newsletters:

- Traffic on demand
- Stay at top of mind of customers
- Qualified subscribers
- Prove you’re a leader in the industry
- Sharing on social media networks
- You can measure the effectiveness of your newsletter
- Build customer loyalty and maintain customer relationships

What to include in newsletters

This is something I hear merchants asking often – what should I include in my newsletter to make it interesting, relevant and worthy of opening? Here’s a list of ideas to include in your newsletters:

- Any sales/discounts/promotions you are running
- New inventory updates
- Industry/relevant news that will drive traffic to your site – for example, write a blog post that then links to the “best back to school ideas!” article (make sure that traffic always goes to your site first!)
- Always include a call to action in your subject and throughout the email– sale ends in 5 hours! Don’t miss this!
- Company news (new hires, opening another location, upcoming events)
- Links to your social media networks

(Want inspiration for design and content to include in your newsletter? Type in “newsletters” into your Pinterest search bar and you’ll be delighted with all the results that pop up. Tailor your search for holidays, sales, events, etc.)

How to get subscribers

Try these different ideas to get qualified subscribers and make your newsletter more profitable:

- Add a subscription box to your e-commerce site
- Promote on social media networks
- Newsletter landing page on your e-commerce site
- Incentivize customers to subscribe with a discount or coupon

How should you get started?

Online merchants powering their shop with PrestaShop are in luck! You can find newsletter subscription, follow up emails and coupons and vouchers native in your PrestaShop software. Want to take it to the next level? Take a look at all of these Newsletter addons available in PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.


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