How to switch ecommerce software

You’ve been thinking about it for a while and now you’ve finally made the decision to start researching how to switch your e-commerce software. Maybe you’re tired of paying hefty commission fees for your online store or maybe you’ve outgrown your current software. No matter the situation, migrating to a new solution should be simple and today it is!

We’ll go over how to switch your e-commerce software in 5 easy steps, without even losing a sale in the process!

PrestaShop is partnered with Cart2Cart – the simplest and most secure way to migrate your e-commerce software. Switch to PrestaShop, the world’s leading e-commerce solution used by more than 165,000 online stores in just 5 easy steps.

1. Your shopping cart

Find your shopping cart on Cart2Cart’s list of over 45 supported platforms including:

View the full list of supported shopping carts.

2. Register an account

All you need is an e-mail, name and password to create an account with Cart2Cart. Cart2Cart allows you to migrate easily with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that doesn’t require any coding skills. Feel confident with Cart2Cart’s secure SSL connection for your data transfer.

Best of all, you can sell even during the migration with 100% source store uptime.

3. Choose migration options

Decide exactly what you wish to migrate to your new PrestaShop store including: products, categories, images, customers, orders, currencies, manufacturers, taxes and more!

You can even try Cart2Cart before paying with their free Demo Migration and get an estimate cost before you start the migration process. A small cost to pay to relieve yourself from the frustration of using anything less than the world’s best e-commerce software.

4. Start the migration process

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 and won’t take much of your time. You’ll begin the migration process of your data base, files and orders instantly.

5. Enjoy your new PrestaShop store!

Now you’ll be able to begin enjoying all the benefits of PrestaShop’s top-notch functionality and user-friendly interface that enhances the customers shopping experience and increases sales.

- No monthly fees, no commissions!
- Translate your store in over 60 languages
- Enrich your online store with over 310+ out of the box features
- Rely on a Community of more than 600,000 members
- View all the benefits of using PrestaShop

It’s never been easier to make your online store more profitable. What’s the wait? Make the switch today and see why 165,000+ successful online merchants choose PrestaShop.

Learn more about Cart2Cart and migrate to PrestaShop today!

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