Managing an online business is convenient, flexible and has great potential to be very powerful. For the internet entrepreneurs out there looking to start an e-commerce site and still keep your day job, this is a great place to get started. Learn how to make some extra cash without interrupting your current day job and watch the opportunities unfold, then you can assess if your online business is fruitful enough to take on fulltime.

Let’s go over the best advice on how to start an e-commerce business and still keep your day job so that you can start making some more money today!

Time management is key

When juggling two of anything, time management is the first and most important way to get organized. For those motivated to bring in extra income with an online store, you have to organize your days to make time to set up and manage a successful online business that is worth your time. You will want to consider waking up earlier and manage your online store for a couple of hours in the morning before work; also, use your days off and holidays for the projects that may take some extra time. PrestaShop is full of rich features that can reduce your management time and get twice the work done daily.

Keep inventory manageable

If you’re just getting started selling online, don’t over complicate things for yourself. Start with a small inventory with a few different products until you start to see some success. If you are interested in selling your homemade jewelry online, start selling a limited variety of bracelets, necklaces and rings before jumping into a wider selection. This will keep your inventory manageable from your own home without needing to invest in a warehouse or additional storage space. Also, this will limit the number of different items you’ll have to ship out so you don’t have to invest in too much packaging time, something you don’t have the time for yet.

No need to invest too much

As you get started online, don’t spend too much money on getting set up. With PrestaShop, you’ll be able to start an online store for free with all the tools you need to be successful and just pay for hosting with options as cheap as $6/month. You can also take advantage of free native features in your PrestaShop software without investing extra time and money into your new born business. Try making the most out of social media to advertise your online business this way you won’t need to invest money for online advertisements which could really add up.

It may also be a good idea to hire an intern instead of a part-time employee. Finding an intern with refreshing ideas and a special interest in e-commerce could be a great addition to your new online business. This will give them valuable hands on experience and take a load of work off your plate.

Keep your day job and online business separate

This is some of the best advice to take into consideration. It’s really easy to get distracted by two commitments which is why I always say to keep them physically separate. Make your home office strictly for your online business and make sure to not use your day job hours for your online store. The point of creating your online business is to make some extra money on the side so if you use your time management skills correctly, your online business will never affect your day job performance.

Start now!

A friend once told me that the distinguishing quality of successful people is their ability to do something when they say they are going to do it instead of letting time pass by. Don’t let the time pass, if you want to start your online business and sell a few things on the side, you need to start now. It’s easy to put something like this on the back burner but if you are using PrestaShop, you’ll be able to set up an online shop in just a few clicks and start selling today.

Dedicate one day on your calendar this week that you will commit to getting everything started, get the lay out of your website up and running and your inventory uploaded. Use the PrestaShop blog for advice on taking product photos, best practices used by other online merchants, tips for great SEO, etc. All the resources are here, so what are you waiting for?

Have some suggestions for the Community? Comment below and share your best advice for managing an e-commerce business as a side project!

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