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Introducing the NEW Shipping Wizard

As you know, PrestaShop v1.5.5 unveiled a totally new configuration page for Shipping Carriers and Delivery Fee’s. We call this our new Shipping Wizard. In this guide, we will go over the basic settings that you should know in order to successfully set up a new Carrier and attach specific Delivery Fees.

Remember, if you are using a Shipping Carrier module like La Poste, UPS, Fed-Ex etc, it’s important to check the Modules configuration page for specific settings and preferences.

Okay, let’s get to it. When setting up a new carrier, it’s important to hash out all the details you need in order to get started. This means going over what you want this Carrier to do. Do you want the carrier to be free? Which Zones do you want to Ship to using this Carrier? Are there any restrictions to the size, weight, or price of the Cart?

For example, Let’s say your business shisp all around the world but you want to have one Carrier that will Ship only within North America. Let’s name this Carrier “USA LightSpeed”. USA Lightspeed will deliver within 2-3 business days and the Fee is a Flat rate $15.00. It will Ship up to 100 pounds and products worth up to $5,000. This USA Lightspeed carrier will also give free shipping when the cart reaches over $1,000.

Step 1 General Settings

Now let’s go over to your Back-Office and set it up.
Go to your Back-Office>Shipping>Carriers>Add new Carrier
Now you have reached the first page of the Shipping Wizard. There a few fields that you need to fill out in “General Settings”.

Carrier name: USA Lightspeed
Transit time: 2-3 Business Days
Speed grade: 5 [Enter "0" for a longest shipping delay, or "9" for the shortest shipping delay.]
Logo: [Upload Logo]
Tracking URL: [Insert tracking URL if applicable]

When you completed this Step 1, our screen shows this
After we have filled everything we need out, go ahead and click “Next”

Step 2 “Shipping locations and costs”

Now we are on Step 2. Let’s go over the initial settings.

Shipping and Handling: If you have a “Handling Charge” that is set in the Back-Office>Shipping>Shipping you can elect to include it or exclude it from your Carriers price. We do not, so we leave it as disabled (which is the default setting).

Apply shipping cost: If enabled, the final order price will include both the carrier’s regular shipping fee, along with specific per-product fees, if there are any. If disabled, the final order price will only include the product’s specific shipping fee. Specific product shipping fees are configured on each product’s “Shipping” tab, with the “Additional shipping cost (per quantity)” field. For nearly all cases, this would be set to Enabled.

Billing: Choose whether you want to calculate the shipping costs by total price or total weight. This depends on the way your carrier handles billing. Make sure to check their documentation about this.

The next part is the most important section. In this table you can set three important aspects of your Shipping Carrier Configuration.

  1. What Zones you want this Carrier to be enabled for.
  2. What Price/Weight range(s) you need.
  3. What are the Fee’s for each Zone and Range.

Previously, in older versions of PrestaShop, you had to do these three items separately. With the new Shipping Wizard, all these configurations on located on this table in Step 2.

We discussed earlier that we want USA Lightspeed to only ship in North America. We also stated that it will ship products for a flat rate of $15.00 for carts up to $1000. Lastly, we wanted Free Shipping for Carts above $1,000 but remember, Lightspeed won’t ship any carts above $5,000.

It is important to note that the lower value range is exclusive and the higher value range is inclusive. For example, we want a $15.00 Flat rate for carts worth up to but not including $1000, and Free Shipping for cart’s $1000 and above. Based upon these settings our screen should look like this. Notice how the ranges are set, and the North America Zone is the only one enabled. When carts are within $1000 to $5000, it will be Free Shipping, which is exactly what we wanted.


Out-of-range behavior: If your customer’s cart does not fit within your range and zone requirements, you have two options.
-Apply the cost of the highest defined range. PrestaShop will take the most costly range and apply its conditions.
-Disable carrier: This means that if the Cart does not fit the criteria set, it will be disabled and not shown as an applicable option. For example, if the Cart is above $5,000, this Carrier would not be available. We will choose this setting.

Let’s move on, click “Next” and let’s set up the next step.

Step 3 – Size, weight, and group access

Now we go to Step 3 “Size, weight, and group access”
We can fill in the following information:

- Max Height, width, depth and weight of the package allowed by the carrier. Remember that we said USA Lightspeed will not Ship products that weigh a combined 100 lbs or more. Note that the weight and price units are the default ones for your PrestaShop installation, and the ones your products use. You can change these units “Localization” page of the “Localization” menu tab in the Back Office

Group Access: This restricts access to the carrier to certain customer groups. For USA Lightspeed, we will allow all Customer Groups access to this Carrier if the cart fits the criteria set up in Step 2. We will leave them all checked.

After configuring Step 3, our screen looks like this. Note that the Max weight allowed is 100 lbs. If the weight of the package is over 100 lbs, USA Lightspeed will not be available to ship the package.

Now click “Next”

Step 4 Summary

We have finally reached the summary page at which the Shipping Wizard tells you what the basic Configurations you have set up. When you have looked over this Summary page, you can choose whether to Enable or Disable the Carrier. We want it enabled. Our Summary page looks like this,

That’s it, click “Finish” and your Carrier is now set-up.

 We have successfully made a carrier USA Lightspeed and added our Fees, Weight/Price Ranges, and specific restrictions all from one easy to use Shipping Wizard. Remember, this was an extremely simple set up; you can make your configurations as basic or advance as you want.

I hope you feel even more comfortable setting up your new carriers now. You can always take a look at our User Guide for more in-depth information. You can also visit the our Community Forum for more tips and tricks. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Happy Shipping!

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