PrestaShop version 1.6 was resigned with you in mind. We worked closely with real PrestaShop merchants, developers and designers to create a refreshing new look and feel for the Dashboard. This new dashboard is optimized for UI/UX and features a variety of content blocks that can be customized with PrestaShop Module plug-ins to fit any online store’s needs.

Build a PrestaShop Module

This is great news for Developers as you can actually create your own PrestaShop module or plug-in to add even more features to the Dashboard. You can develop these Dashboard plug-ins and submit your creation to the PrestaShop Addons store or make them free for all to enjoy.

Within the tutorial you will learn:

  • Difference of a Dashboard Module with a normal PrestaShop Module
  • The Constructor method
  • The install() method
  • Available Zones and Template Name
  • Building hookDashboardData()
  • Value names and Value display
  • Creating your own data type
  • The Configuration Form

What are you waiting for?
Read the tutorial to learn how to create your own Dashboard module and submit it to our Addons store!

Want to learn more about PrestaShop Development? Visit our training page and become a true PrestaShop ninja!

Keep track of the Progress of v1.6 on this page.

Remember, PrestaShop v1.6 is still in the Alpha version. It should only be used for development and/or testing purposes.

Contribute to the software via our Github 

If you have any questions about this documentation, feel free to comment below. Suggestions are always welcome and your feedback is important as we create new tutorials and update documentation.

Dev Happy!

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