Remember when the number of fans your Facebook page had was the most important aspect of social media? I’ve noticed that tons of online businesses focus too much on the number of Facebook fans their competitor has rather than how active their community is. Online retailers need to have an effective strategy and know how to increase engagement for a Company Facebook page and interact better with fans.

Together we’ll discover how to develop a strategy to make your online shop’s Facebook page an interactive medium to communicate with customers.

Understanding your engagement rate

The engagement rate of your Facebook page refers to how much your customers engage with your posts in terms of likes, comments and shares. It’s normal for the level of engagement to change weekly depending on the quality, quantity and timing of your posts. A Facebook page that publishes relevant and interesting posts is more likely to have a stronger rate of engagement. I strongly encourage online merchants to always include a photo, video or link in all of Facebook posts.

How to calculate your Facebook Page engagement rate
Engagement Rate= Total Likes + Comments + Shares / Total Fans

Engagement rate can also be calculated by publication to help you better understand which publications work best for your fans

Engagement Rate = Total number of people who liked + commented + shared your publication / the number of people who saw your publication

Note: All of this data is available on your Facebook page admin panel.

Don’t get worried! Engagement rates are usually small numbers

Don’t be surprised if you get a low percentage for your engagement rate, they are generally quite low. Here are some numbers to help you understand your engagement rate:

- Anything higher than 1% you have a good level of engagement
- Between 0.5 and 0.99 you have an average level of engagement
- Anything below .5 you should pay close to attention to the rest of this blog post

Note that the average engagement rate varies depending on your industry or the size of your community. For example, the average engagement rate in the fashion industry is higher than that of finance. Similarly, a page that has a large number of fans (over 10,000) will be more difficult to engage the majority of the community. You should compare your commitment rate against your competitors to give you an idea of the quality of your posts.

Improving the Engagement Rate of your Facebook Page

Here are some best practices to implement in your Facebook strategy:

- Post on your Facebook page outside of standard work hours. Studies show that publications posted before or after working hours have a higher rate of commitment.
- Choose the right days. Thursdays and Fridays tend to have higher engagement rates.
- Keep your fans at the heart of your content and don’t just tell your fans information about your business. Make sure your posts are relevant to your fans and engagement worthy.
- Keep it short and easy to read. Fans are looking for easy to digest content so use common vocabulary and pictures that will help keep your text at a minimum.
- Optimize Images. Try to size your images to be 403 x 403 pixels to display the entire image on your timeline.

For inspiration: Engagement worthy posts that show results!

Let customers fill in the blank.
Example: “It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m wearing __________ for my romantic night out!”

Caption this photo!
Ask fans to write a caption for an interesting photo and incentivize engagement by offering a special discount for the best caption submitted!

Vote by Liking or Commenting
Example: We know our fashionistas are staying warm in style this winter! “Like” if you’d stay warm with this leather jacket or “Comment” if you’d bundle up with this knitted cardigan. (Add Photo)

Highlight Interesting Facts in a Link
This article is a must-read! We agree with point #4 “Believe it or not, using flash outdoors within 4 feet of your subject will result in better pictures!” (Attach Link to Article: Top 10 tips for Taking Great Pictures)

Ready, Set, Share!

Apply these tips for an optimal interactive and entertaining Facebook page. Once the interactions begin, make sure to listen to your fans and respond to them to improve the quality of your relationships! Feel free to share tips that help boost engagement for your Company Facebook Page!

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