With 25,000+ commits from 175+ contributors in only 18 months, PrestaShop’s GitHub branches are an enormous success. Use this Github Tutorial to join in on the action. Staying true to our commitment of being Open-Source, our GitHub Repositories are becoming increasingly active each day as more community developers collaborate together. We welcome and encourage everyone to contribute to our Ecommerce solution using GitHub. You want in? Great.  I’ll briefly describe what GitHub is and provide step by step instructions on how you can contribute to the PrestaShop software using GitHub.

GitHub is fueled by the version control system Git, an Open-Source project built by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux. GitHub allows easy collaboration for developers to contribute by allowing them to “fork” (copy) project files, make changes and submit the changes to the owner of the project. The owner of the project can then easily review the changes and accept or decline the changes. All of this is done with a user-friendly navigation on a web-based interface.

It provides a central hub for anyone around the world to modify and submit code to a project, while still allowing the owner easy management collaboration with their respective contributors. GitHub, sums it up nicely, “Git allows groups of people to work on the same documents (often code) at the same time, and without stepping on each other’s toes. It’s a distributed version control system.”


GitHub Tutorial: Contribute to PrestaShop in 10 Steps 

PrestaShop 1.6 is written mostly in PHP. Other languages used throughout are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the Smarty templating language, SQL, and XML.

Developers who want to contribute to PrestaShop’s Open-Source software can follow these steps. [Please note that these steps are only for contributing to the PrestaShop core 1.6 development branch. Pull requests made to other branches may be ignored or deleted for code consistency.]


1)      Create your GitHub account

Github Tutorial


2)      Find the PrestaShop Repository List


3)    Choose the Repository  named “PrestaShop” this will be the latest version PrestaShop v1.6


4)      Select the “1.6” branch from the dropdown seen below. [IMPORTANT: Do not select branch named “master”, requests should only be made to the “1.6” branch.]


5)        Next, click on “Fork” to copy the project to your personal Github account. 


6)      Create another Branch within your Fork for your changes. I named mine “My-Changes”


7)       Once you are in your newly created branch, example “My-Changes”, navigate to the specific file you want to modify and click Edit. Make sure that your code changes follow our Coding Standards



8)      Scroll to the bottom of the page and in Commit Summary, you must follow our notation rules in order for your request to be committed.  Then click, “Commit Changes”


9)      [IMPORTANT] You must test your changes on your own local installation or test environment of PrestaShop to make sure the change is working as you expected.
After you have tested and you are ready to move forward, you need to submit your Pull Request.  Navigate back to your Github branch, in my example it was named “My-Changes”,  and you will see a button to click that says “Compare & pull request”


10)  Add additional comments and pictures before you send your request to our team. Make sure to review the guidelines for contributing and if everything is in order, click “Send Pull Request”

That’s it! You did it. Now you’ll wait a bit for one of our core developers to either include your code changes to our software, comment on possible improvements to your code or state reasons why the code change will not be accepted.


Useful Links


More Ways to Contribute

If you are not a developer but still want to contribute to PrestaShop, don’t worry because there are other ways to help.

  • Join the PrestaShop Forum and be active on one of the largest online retail communities in the world. With over 600,000 members and 30 languages/communities, you’ll be in the perfect place for Ecommerce discussions, tips, technical tutorials and more.
  • Help translate PrestaShop in your language. Thanks to contributions from our global Community, store owners can translate their online store in 60+ languages. Submit translations on PrestaShop’s CrowdIn page to help the Community sell all across the globe.
  • Found an issue or want to submit a feature request? Use the Forge! PrestaShop Forge is the official ticket-tracker for PrestaShop. You don’t need to be a developer to write a ticket or request an improvement. You will need to create an account on the Forge: follow these instructions and then wait for a core developer to answer you.

GitHub+PrestaShop = <3

Join the movement and use GitHub and your developer skills to improve the PrestaShop solution.  We love Open-Source and are committed to providing the best Ecommerce experience available. Just remember one thing, we grow as you grow.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments or questions below.


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