The joys of fatherhood yield many things, but traditionally speaking, an insanely brilliant business idea isn’t one of them.

Meet Guillaume Chocteau. He’s not your average father. In fact, Guillaume is kind of a super dad of sorts because fatherhood inspired him to do something truly unique… make parenting easier for everyone.

In November of 2011, Guillaume was on his way to the supermarket to buy supplies for his new born. This wasn’t the first time he had made this trip. In fact, Guillaume had grown rather weary of it. But on this particular day in November, however, something oddly simple and insanely brilliant happened. While driving to the store, Guillaume thought to himself “Wouldn’t it be nice if an online company offered a subscription-based delivery service for diapers and milk?”

Ideas like this fly through our heads all the time. Admittedly, we latch on to few and let go of most. And even the ones we do grab often get lost in life’s great shuffle mere minutes, hours or even days later.

After that fateful evening in November, however, everything changed for Guillaume. He not only embraced his idea, he started conducting research in an effort to turn it into a practical online business.

In March of 2012, Guillaume began speaking with NewQuest, a PrestaShop certified Gold Web Agency partner. “In order to create the business I’d envisioned, I needed a shopping-cart solution that would allow me to integrate a custom built module offering subscription services. And after speaking with the team at NewQuest, we decided that PrestaShop was the perfect e-commerce platform for us.”

After several months of hard work, White as Milk was born.

At this moment, White as Milk is not even a month old and currently services parents in Singapore, only. However, Guillaume dreams that one day he’ll be able to offer his unique delivery services to parents around the world.

The White as Milk catalog is filled with brand name items people know and trust. Also, being a father himself, Guillaume believes every new parent could stand to save a few dollars. That’s why White as Milk offers discount prices and free delivery to all of its subscribers!

Not every online business is as innovative as White as Milk. And not all e-commerce websites are successful. However, with PrestaShop as your chosen e-commerce solution, customizing and managing a unique and profitable online business has never been easier.

If you’re looking for the world’s most versatile and user-friendly e-commerce solution, than download and install PrestaShop for FREE today!


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