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Your customers’ inboxes are constantly flooded with marketing emails from retailers – so how can you make your communication stand out? Email marketing is becoming increasingly more important for ecommerce businesses in order to build customer loyalty, increase conversion rates and run a profitable online business.

Today, let’s dive deeper into the importance of this communication medium and check out examples of ecommerce marketing emails that work!

By sending timely, relevant and most importantly engaging, conversion-oriented emails, you can successfully measure your shop’s marketing performance and ROI. It’s not easy to send a strong email campaign the first time – but it’s okay, you should always be testing what works for your customer base and what emails bring your business the most value.

Test different send times, different call to action buttons, different promotions, different templates until you finally understand what’s working. Take a look at Kiss Metric’s Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing: Email Campaigns that Convert.

Email marketing tips for online retailers:

Develop a goal for every email campaign
Write content that caters to your target customers
Be timely and relevant – 2014 Important Shopping Dates for Ecommerce
Include tracked links to measure conversions
Use effective ecommerce call to action buttons
Keep it simple
Don’t spam your subscriber base

The more you focus on the purpose of your email, the more likely you’ll get the open rate and click through rate you want to achieve.

What can email marketing do for your online business?

Increase traffic and sales
Promote products that are not selling
Share new arrivals with customers
Build a relationship with your customers
Share news, promotions and relevant content

That’s not all! PracticalEcommerce went ahead and listed the 13 reasons why email marketing is important for ecommerce merchants.

Ecommerce email template inspiration

Let’s share different marketing emails from PrestaShop stores that are effective, engaging and successful. We’ve gone ahead and listed their email subject, the goal of the email and what we loved about each one. Each email template and design is unique to help inspire your next campaign!

American Vintage

Email subject: “Top Drawer XXL Knits / Bestsellers”

Marketing objective: Drive traffic to a specific product page with hand selected items.

Why we love it:
Use of large image and minimal text
Strong call to action button
Creative “1 Look A Day” page to help customers visualize products as outfits
3 simple links at the footer

Gretel Home

Email subject: “Fresh Flowers”

Marketing objective: Introducing season-appropriate collection of products.

Why we love it:
Timely and relevant for Spring
Large, colorful, high quality image
Only one main objective

Bimba y Lola

Email subject: “Online Exclusive”

Marketing objective: Announcing a collection exclusive for online shoppers.

Why we love it:
Sharing exclusive info increasing customer loyalty
Different angles of product

Donna Wilson

Email subject: “Mother’s Day [UK] is March 30th! Gifts for Mum at Donna Wilson”

Marketing objective: Drive customers to their Mother’s Day special product page

Why we love it:
Clean, matching colors
Simple text, clear link
Incentive with free gift
Quick links at footer

What Goes Around Comes Around

Email subject: “Spring Fling: Shop our Latest Arrivals”

Marketing objective: Spotlight on new arrivals

Why we love it:
Use of seasonal phrases: Spring Fling
1 link, 1 large image
Leverages the beginning of spring

Todo Bonito

Email subject: “New designs in our shop!”

Marketing objective: Attract customers to purchase new party design packages.

Why we love it:
Real life setups for images
Colorful images with little text
Barely noticeable watermark but great if subscribers share it

Ready to start your next ecommerce email campaign?

Step 1: Start collecting e-mails addresses – use opt-in buttons at checkout, integrate newsletter subscription buttons, promote your marketing emails via social networks and encourage customers to share it with their friends.

Step 2: Select an email service provider. There’s hundreds out there but you want to find one that seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce software. PrestaShop has dozens of email marketing modules on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace that let you quickly and easily create beautiful emails for your customers.

Step 3: Review the tips and email examples above and test what works best for your online business. Create an Excel file that tracks the following:

Email subject line
Send time
Send date
Number of subscribers
Open rate
Click through rate
Unsubscribe clicks
Content of email

This will help you once you’ve sent a few emails to look back and see what worked the best. Pay close attention to all the elements you’re tracking to start developing your own best practices.

Start sending powerful email marketing campaigns that work with PrestaShop. Manage all of your communications directly from your back office, send personalized automatic emails for abandoned carts and run a profitable online business today

Download PrestaShop or test the demo and experience the world’s most powerful ecommerce solution.

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